Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brantford demolition continues

below: Further to my previous post, the last building left standing along the south side of Colborne St., between Brant Ave. and the Art Stanbridge walkway, is #113 Colborne St., seen below. Earlier today, on Aug.12, 2010, the building immediately to the right (which was #111 Colborne St.) was demolished, as well as part of the rear portion of #113.
above: Aug.12, 2010 - looking through the second-story window of #113 Colborne St. at the beadboard walls and trim detail around the interior door.
above: Aug.12, 2010 - view of #113 Colborne St. standing at the left; #111 Colborne had stood in the centre, the blue-painted wall was its east wall. Note in the left-centre can be seen some broken red vitrolite which, along with stainless steel trim, had once been part of #111 Colborne's storefront facade, possibly a stylish remodel from when this was a London Wines store during the 1950's to 198o.
above: Aug.12, 2010 - a closer view of the bracket on #113's west front facade. The vitrolite trim would be just below; some of the stainless trim which held the vitrolite is seen attached to the brick. Note at the upper right, how bricks are sitting directly on wood supports.
above: Aug.12, 2010 - closer view of the red and black vitrolite panels, part of the old storefront facade which was hidden under the wood siding of #111 Colborne St.
above: Aug.12, 2010 - rear view of #113 Colborne from the Art Stanbridge walkway. The front door, looking onto Colborne St., is visible from the inside.
above: Aug.12, 2010 - detail of the rear east brick parapet at #113 Colborne St.
above: Aug.12, 2010 - looking west from the Art Stanbridge walkway; the lower part of the demolished rear addition behind #113 Colborne St. is seen at the bottom right; the front part of #113, still standing, is behind the tree at the right. In the distance, a new, previously unseen vista of the north side of Colborne St. can now be seen from the bridge here (for the first time, as of today!), as the rears of #113 and #111 and the other buildings to the west of here have been demolished.
(compare the above photo to the same earlier view here; note the same brick wall and utility box are seen at the bottom right in both shots)
above: late afternoon on Aug.12, 2010 - a closer final look at #113 Colborne St., built at some point between ca.1870 to1885. It was still standing on Fri. Aug.13, 2010; no buildings were torn down that day on the Colborne strip, so #113 will be gone early next week.
(See an earlier view of the same area here.)

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