Thursday, January 28, 2010

Why was a McGuinty Liberal MPP demonstrating in front of another Liberal MPP's office?!

Here's a portion of a letter I sent to Liberal MPP Kim Craitor back in Apr.2009. Craitor - as of Jan.28, 2010 - still has not bothered to answer any of these following concerns!

"It was reported in an Apr.20, 2009 St. Catharines Standard article written by Karena Walter that you were in attendance at some kind of a rally outside of MPP Jim Bradley's office in St Catharines. There was a picture of a person holding a "stop privatization" placard.

No explanation was given in this article about the odd situation, as to why you, as a Liberal MPP, were there, demonstrating in front of a neighbouring Liberal MPP's office.

Can you explain to me why you were there and what the point was of you being at this demonstration? Were you attending as an MPP, or as a private citizen?

If you were there as an MPP, what was the message that you were trying to convey? What specific "privatization" was being targeted? Were you lending your support for something, or were you demonstrating against something?

Do you believe that Bradley has any more sway than health minister David Caplan, when it comes to screwing south Niagarans with your party's bait-and-switch Liberal Healthcare Duplicity (see here) ?

Do you have any response to Bradley's claim that 'there's been a 43% increase in the NHS's funding since 2003'?

Do you think the NHS is underfunded? Or, is this claimed-43% increase still not enough? How much, then, would be enough?

Do you support the new one-and-half-billion-dollar hospital planned for St. Catharines; or, are you in support of a new hospital, only in a different location?

Do you have any response to Bradley's statement that the Liberal "government has been trying to meet the needs as well as it can"? Do you trust this statement of Bradley's to be true? What do you think Bradley means when he says "as well as it can"? He's saying this as a government hardliner, who is committed to a failing single-payer, state-run monopoly health-care template.

What is your reaction to Bradley's comment in the article that "it's understandable there are people who will always be out there wanting to ensure that what they believe is adequate funding is provided"? Do you think, as I do, that with this comment, Good Ole Jim just gave you the smug middle-finger fuddle-duddle?

Are you challenging Jim Bradley's claims; are you claiming that your Liberals, despite being in an $18 billion deficit, in fact are NOT adequately funding the NHS? Do you agree with the NHS, which has often said in the past that it needs more money to carry out its services?

Do you not think it sadly laughable that the health-care of Ontarians is dictated by unaccountable health care monopolists such as McGuinty, Bradley, and Caplan, who decide to mete out tax-dollars in their monopoly 'as best they can'? You're apparently their fellow Liberal, Mr. Craitor - Is that good enough for you ?

Why should citizen health-care be subject to some vague political MINIMUM STANDARD OF 'adequacy' ?!?

In a state-run monopoly, not only is that NOT GOOD ENOUGH, that should be CRIMINAL."


Well, we've seen what McGuinty's incompetent Liberal monopolists have done to Niagara's health system since Craitor ignored my questions.

And now, Craitor might be in the running for mayor of Niagara Falls?! (Toronto Star, Jan.27, 2010, here)


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