Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Craitor covers up another McGuinty lie

Further to Ontario's Lying Liberals' deceptions about banning sole-source provincial gov't. contracts, we now hear that Liar McGuinty is going to renew the Casino Niagara lease without an open, competitive Request for Proposal tender process. (Niagara This Week, Jan.20, 2010, here)
Right now you're asking yourself: 'But... didn't DamnHim McLiar promise, just back in the autumn of 2009, that he was going to run an open and transparent government, with no more under the table single-sourced deals?'
Well - what Dalton says and what Dalton does are two different things. This is the duplicitous mode of operation which is the over-riding characteristic in all that McGuinty's government does: propagating FLICKING squirmy illusions. It's the inherent duplicity of being a LYING McGUINTYITE.
You thought that McGuinty was going to ban gov't. sole -sourcing?!!
That's what McGuinty wants you to believe.
But... ahh... maybe an 'RFP' isn't a 'contract', and a secret 'lease extension' doesn't need an open RFP... soo... we'll just let this one slide, eh?!
If that's not disgusting enough, then look at dipstick Niagara Falls MPP Liberal Kim Craitor's doltish response. Craitor and HIS LIBERAL HEALTHCARE CUTTING LIARS are the ones playing politics with everything they touch - FLICKING-up health care, the economy, energy... you name it, these statist ideologues have FLICKED it up.
Honestly, why the f*ck doesn't Kimmy just quit and join the socialists? He isn't cabinet quality material, as Dolton McSpendy has made abundantly clear ["here's a present for you Jimmy Bradley, you're now the Grand Duke of All the Cities in Our Great Have-Not Realm; for you Kimmy, here's nothin']; why continue to be associated with and defend McGuinty's incompetent policies?
By his own idiotic, and not-quite-to-the-point, lame remarks, Craitor himself is playing politics with the issue: the issue being that Craitor's Liberals pretended that they were going to ban sole-source contracts; when that stated goal appears to be a lie - in Craitor's own riding - Craitor avoids dealing with the issue, which is about HIS OWN LIBERAL GOVERNMENT'S LIES!!
Is that "too rich" for you to get through your thick skull, Kimmy, you FLICKING dolt?
The issue isn't about threats to tourism or stability as you phonily claim: it's about YOUR LIBERAL GOVERNMENT'S LIES!
Does this point need to be repeated, again and again and again and again?
Do you GET that?

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