Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Melting credibility

Now that the climatalarmism TM of the 'melting Himalayan glaciers' has been revealed to be a fear-mongering hoax (see Peter Foster's column "IPCC meltdown", National Post, Jan.20, 2010 here) it's a good time to fondly recall some of the local eco-treacle, like Jane Hanlon's "Ecofest is a great introduction to spring" (St.Catharines Standard, Mar.27, 2008):

"What is an Eco Fest? Why it's an environmental festival, of course!

Rather than focusing on the floating Pacific plastic stew the size of Texas or the melting of the Himalayan glaciers (the drinking water for billions of people) or even the atmospheric brown clouds caused by soot, Niagara residents are this weekend focusing on what we CAN do.

The task of tackling climate change is daunting. Every facet of our current lifestyle requires an overhaul. Our land use practices have encouraged single-storey strip malls.

Major services and schools are being located on the outskirts of cities for regional savings but municipal strain. We continue to bury our waterways. We've developed a penchant for plastic-encased, individually-portioned, portable drinking water and tune into decorating shows that encourage matching glassware or replacing entire kitchens for the latest trend.

The reckless resource consumption of urban sprawl prevents adequate food security policies, increases transit costs and threatens the very air we breathe..."

Stop!! Yes, we're scared!! We have been well-fear-mongered! We are guilty of eco-sins!! We have evil reckless penchants, which are most likely cured with a good dose of socialism! We see this now! Good Gaia, what to do, what to do?
The Himalayas are melting! The Floods are nigh!
Al Gore, or Suzuki, or a polar bear, or... well... someone... told us this, and, well, they wouldn't lie, to, ah, SAVE THE PLANET, would they?
Doom awaits!
Repent, you evil, soot-covered, kitchen re-modelling, strip-mall-hooked, son of ... ... ...whaa... the Himalayan glaciers aren't melting? ah... so what?!
They could have been!!
And they might still be... so, there.
And that's good enough for anyone!
Who cares if the IPCC data and process has been corrupt from the start?
Rest assured that locally, our St.Catharines Standard Green Teamsters will surely be all over this issue, just as they brought us incredible local behind-the-scenes analysis of Climategate.

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