Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Iggy takes a dump in Niagara

We have been blessed!
The malodorous Michael Ignatieff himself has now graciously spewed his propaganda in Niagara on Jan.20, 2010, dumping another smelly load of GritShit TM propaganda in this Liberal Poop-O-Gram:

Iggy - the Grit who is always whining (along with a gaggle of suitably indignant press lackies) about the evil 'ten-percenters' - is sure dumping a lot of Liberal crap into Niagara; yet, the press doesn't see that as any kind of a problem! When Count Ignatieff does it, it is thoughtful information gathering, you see!! (more Liberal Poop-O-Grams here)
Another Liberal-lackie joke was the Jan.20, 2010 St.Catharines Standard editorial-page cartoon, drawn by the now-tiresome Dewar, showing Harper shuffling his cabinet, by moving a cabinet. har-de-har-har.
Even... um... funnier... was that Harper was drawn (tiresomely, again) dressed in ermine robes, wearing a strange, what? buffalo hat with horns and toilet paper.
Funnee stuff, eh?
Lookit dat der 'arper, he dun been shufflin' nothin' ... hyuck, hyuck...
Oddly, I seemed to have missed the Dewar funnee showing Dalton McGuinty shuffling his cabinet.
Did the St.Catharines Standard editors miss that, as well? McGuinty had a cabinet shuffle...?
What - no funnees showing a real despot in Ontario, an unaccountable Dalton McGuinty with toilet paper sticking out of his elitist ass?
Hah hah ha... oh you St.Catharines Sub Standard: well done. Or is it the St.Catharines Double-Standard?
No cartoons showed McGuinty spinning like a top, spewing lies like a Gatling-gun.
No cartoons of secretive MPP Jim Bradley in his luxurious robes, with toilet paper sticking to him!
Nope, Bradley and Smitherman and McGuinty and the rest of the Grit crew of congenital liars seem to be immune from lampooning; after all, they are serious Liberals, not to be trifled with. They are not cartoons, they are well meaning Liberals - Liberals - do you hear? Liberals do not wear ermine robes and horned buffalo hats, do you hear? How dare anyone ask why the St.Catharines Standard doesn't print cartoons about Brian McMullan, or McGuinty, or Bradley!
Speaking of cartoons, Lisa Van Dusen's laughable column (also Jan.20, 2010, in the St.Catharines Standard) was a cartoon itself - in words. The Obama mystique is now over, Lisa. Stop the red-herring bullshit about race. Back around Feb.2007, Obama didn't want to even talk about his colour; now, he's telling Letterman he was 'black' before the election. Hmm. A white mother, apparently, is irrelevant. Brown's senate win in Massachusetts is most certainly a repudiation of Obama's policies; and has nothing to do with colour - it's all about the socialism inherent in the DNC. Obama's no Condi or Powell, or even a Clinton.

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