Thursday, January 21, 2010

What's melting faster: the Himalayan glaciers or Al Gore's Suzukiist credibility?

Further to ClimateGate, and the 'Himalayan Melting Glacier' hoax, we now have Richard Foot's column "Temperature data skewed: researchers", (National Post, Jan.21, 2010, here), another indictment on the sad trail of hoaxes, deceptions and outright lies of the climate-change/global-warming con artists.
Are these the first warnings about skewed "science" being used as the political basis to fearmonger for climate socialism?!
Of course not; the story arch of the new 'three C, P one' Commie Climate Change Plan (CCCP) has been developing well before Al Whore, er, "won" his joke "awards"; but, locally in Niagara, the press has been loathe to publish much of anything of what the skeptics had to say regarding the climatalarmism TM spread by the Gore/Suzuki/IPCC GreenFearTM commune.
Back on Nov.27, 2009, Phil Green wrote "Skewed science" (National Post, here) which also dealt with the same issues as above, of skewed and questionable temperature data used by the CRU and IPCC.
Did you hear about any of this in the local press?
For years, which fearmongering, skewed, politicized views were predominantly favoured in the St.Catharines Standard, and Niagara This Week?!

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