Thursday, January 14, 2010

House demolished on Queenston St.

below: Jan.6, 2010 - looking along the south side of Queenston Rd., just west of Spring St., as an old house awaits demolition. To the left of this house is seen a corner of Kirkpatrick and O'Brine Monuments; further east, out of frame, is the Victoria Lawn cemetery.
above: same view, Jan.14, 2010 - the last part of the stone-rubble basement is being demolished.
below: Jan. 13, 2010, looking at the house from the north-west

above: Jan.14, 2010 - same view, the next day; the building's demise leaves a prominent gap in the familiar streetscape.
below: Jan.6, 2010, looking at the building from the north-east.

above: Jan.14, 2010 - same view, the building is gone.
below: Jan.14, 2010 - massive hand-hewn timber beams were removed from the old house, some with traces of bark on them

above: closer view of the original old beams, showing the pegged mortise and tenon joinery.
above: Jan.14, 2010, looking from the west into the basement under demolition.
above: Jan.14, 2010 - looking in a north-easterly direction; across the street is the building in which the venerable Albert's coffee shop once stood, with its Coke sign overhanging the sidewalk. I remember the place well, with its curved sit down counter and quilted steel backbar behind the griddle. On such a freezing cold day as today, it would have been nice to stop in to Albert's for a soup and coffee.

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Kathie Cornelius LeBlanc said...

Imagine my surprise while looking for something totally different, that I would come across my great grandparents home on Queenston St. Once upon a time, my great grandfather and grandfather owned Cornelius Monuments, which you are showing on the corner of Queenston and Spring St., as Kirpatrick and O'Brian. The monuments were carved right behind this house in a small shop and for years the folks of St. Catharines would have bought their monuments from either my family or the Barbers. Not many folks can say they knew their great grand parents. Albert's Snack Bar was certainly the place to eat. Thanks for the memories.