Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ken Dryden takes a dump in Niagara

Looks like Dalton McGuinty and George Smitherman have been caught peddling their Liberal lies again: Yeah: despite the lies from McGuinty's Liberal scumbags, smart meters result in electricity bills RISING. Yeah: do your laundry at 4 am - then go to work to pay your bills: oh, JUST FLICK OFF, you Liberal scumbags.
And now we have Michael Ignatieff's Liberals continuing to send more GritShitTM propaganda to Niagara; on Jan.19, 2010; this Liberal POOP-O-GRAM was sent by a stinking Ken Dryden, who appears to want to resurrect Bumbledore Dion's Green Shift.
Dryden's still touting the Dalton McGuinty/George Smitherman so-called 'smart' meters fiasco, which already has consumers paying more for less, saving us nothing yet causing unnecessary inconvenience: just what Liberals want. Funny, there's no smug outrage in the liberal press when Iggy's Liberals continue their propaganda dumps around the country! (see here; here)
No wonder Albertans are tired (here) of the smug bleatings of political scum such as McGuinty, Gerretsen, Bradley, Miller, and Charest biting their hand, yet still demanding that Alberta help pay the bills for their incompetent policies. McGuinty's Lying Liberals have severely mismanaged Ontario's energy sector, as well as the economy, as well as health care - in fact, anything these McGuintyite scumbags have touched has been ruined, turning Ontario into a have-not welfare case of Confederation. Guess 'progressives' such as David Miller aren't embarrassed about that.

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