Friday, January 8, 2010

Overflow of single-payer despotism

CTV (here) reports on Jan.8, 2010, that Dalton McGuinty's health-care monopolists are cutting health care again:

"The Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health Unit is cutting jobs and programs to meet its budget for 2010.

Dr. Nicola Mercer, the Medical Officer of Health, says increased costs for employees and programs, combined with a reduction in funding from the province, makes it necessary.

The health unit needed a 9% increase to continue services at last year's level. However, the health board would only approve 5%.

The health unit isn't saying how many jobs will be axed or which programs will end.

Yep - health care cuts and underfunding: remember that when former Liberal health minister George Smitherman tries to pretend that his gigantic piles of shit he left throughout Ontario as an MPP have no lingering odour or after-effects. Remember the stinking policy-turd messes which Smitherman along with boss McGuinty have dumped onto Ontarians - now Smitherman wants to wreak more of his Liberal Grit, Grit, Same Old Shit havoc in Toronto.

Smitherman, McGuinty, Jim Bradley, and the rest of that stinking Liberal gang who've brought Ontario to a have-not status, have also ruined health care in Ontario, by deviously underfunding their obligations, while, at the same time, despotically preventing Ontarians from purchasing their own health care.

The Jan.8, 2010 St.Catharines Standard ran a story on Kaleida Health advertising in Ontario (here) "American health-care provider launches sweeping ad campaign in Ontario". I wrote on this subject in a Nov.7, 2009 post here.

The Standard reported that MPP Peter Kormos "said the aggressive ad campaign is an affront to believers in public health care.

"I think these are vultures, certainly, and they're cherry picking," Kormos said.

"These billboards don't suggest that they're going to offer pro bono health care to those who can't afford it. These are ads are directed very specifically at people who have got the cash ready to lay it on the counter in advance."

And this is from the socialist whose disastrous NDP party, under socialist-now-Liberal Bob Rae, thought that cutting med school enrolment to get rid of doctors was a good idea to 'cut health costs'. As if that was not an affront by socialist vultures.

No politician, socialist or not, should have the right to meddle with the ability of a citizen to buy and arrange their own health care if that's what they choose to do; outside of the realm of government interference. Kormos's typical use of the word 'public' health-care actually stands for 'despotic monopoly health-care'.

Yet, the Standard wrote, Kormos also said the ads were an indictment of Ontario's health care system and the Liberal government's failure to reduce wait times and provide access to services.
Well, agreed as far as that goes - but, these ads are not just an indictment of the Liberals only: it's an indictment of the entire failed single-payer-health-care system shoved down Ontarians' throats by all parties from the days of Tommy Douglas on down, including Kormos' NDP and the Conservatives before them.

Single-payer sucks; and Ontario patients are held hostage by political health-care ideologue-terrorists who, whether in power or in opposition, use the 'only-funded-by-government' nature of health care to manipulate the system and buy our votes.

They're all to FLICKING blame. There is NO true accountability; just bureaucracy and fearmongering. Kormos doesn't tell us what his socialists would do differently; Hudak doesn't say; and forget about asking Jim Bradley for any answers.

For the Liberals' part, Greg Dennis, spokesman for provincial Health Minister Deb Matthews, says in the Standard article that he doesn't view the campaign as a critique of the provincial health care system.

"I think we have one of the best systems in the world," Dennis said.

"I think our health care is the envy of most people in the United States. Having an overflow service available across the border is by no means a condemnation of our health system here."

Say what?

It's not 'a condemnation'?!

So, then: why can't Ontarians have the SAME HEALTH-CARE 'OVERFLOW SERVICE' HERE, in Ontario, in our own province, with local providers?!!

When you realize the implications of this question, you realize that Dennis has just condemned his own Liberal government's idiotic single-payer ideology!

Why are Ontarians condemned to McGuinty's state-run health monopolism?

Having the 'overflow' nearby (but not in Ontario) is sure good, isn't it?! It's politically convenient, and ideologically expedient, for Ontario's single-payer-pushing-status-quo monopolists: but nevertheless, it's still Liberal health care duplicity!

Accessing the nearby American capacity for overflow allows McGuinty's Liberal health care hypocrites to continue peddling their false, unsustainable, single-payer, government-run policies here in Ontario without worry.

Instead of welcoming Kaleida, or other health care providers, our parochial, knee-jerk, Tommy-Douglasonian reaction will be to demonize them.

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