Friday, January 8, 2010

Barn fire near Niagara College

Just after 6 pm on Jan.8, 2010, there was a fire in a barn at the rear of the Royal Niagara golf course property (which is opposite to Niagara College's vineyard along Taylor Rd.) The barn was located almost at the bottom of the escarpment rise, on the west side of Taylor Rd., north of Garner Rd. Taylor Rd. was shut down to all traffic for several hours as firefighters doused the blaze in the below freezing weather.
Amongst several outbuildings here, there is also an old brick farmhouse (seen below, Jan.9, 2010)... .... which fronts onto Taylor Rd.; I remember that about ten years ago there was still a farm here. The course opened in June of 2001. The barn that had the fire is in the rear to the left, out of frame.
A large portion of the golf course's land is leased from the St.Lawrence Seaway, which had assembled, through purchase and expropriation, huge swaths of land in anticipation of building the fifth Welland super-canal along here.

Above photos and videos further below taken about 6:30 pm, Jan.8, 2010, by R. Bobak.
Below: same view on Jan.9, 2010; the barn was still smouldering. The golf course is seen in the background.

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