Thursday, January 14, 2010

Capri Restaurant neon sign removed

On Jan.14, 2010, the great familiar old Capri Restaurant neon signs were removed from the Ferry St. building in Niagara Falls, Ont. The restaurant, founded about 55 years ago by Sam Alfieri, closed Nov.10, 2009.
Below: The Capri Restaurant in its full mature glory, as it was on Jan.30, 2009. The Capri was once the best Italian restaurant in Niagara Falls. The 'Capri' letters were in a deep red neon, on a blue painted shield as a background, the shield itself was outlined in white neon, surrounding the red letters; below, the word 'restaurant' was in a light-green coloured neon. The tall Capri pylon sign was lit with small flashing incandescent bulbs at the right; and backlit fluorescent at the left. The 'Living Room' signs were also fluorescent backlit; at the far right of the building's front can be seen an interior pink-neon sign which read "champagne room".
above: same view, just a year later, on Jan.5, 2010; the restaurant is now gone.
below: Jan.14, 2010 - sparks fly as workers from Feren Signs prepare to remove the Capri sign, which is supported by a crane.

above: Jan.14, 2010 - the Capri sign is craned off the top of the building, where it had stood for decades.
above: Jan.14, 2010 - the Capri sign is lowered onto the ground beside the building.
above: Jan.14, 2010 - with the large main sign laying down, workers continue removing the remaining signs.
above: Jan.14, 2010 - the removed Capri blue shields sit on the truck.
For more information on the closing, see here. Above photos by R. Bobak.

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