Sunday, November 7, 2010

The spectre of Bradley Syndrome

Interesting comments in the St.Catharines Standard demonstrating the blind loyalty to the disastrous policies of the McGuinty Liberal political machine.

In "Audit Ontario's hydro system" (Nov.3, 2010) David R. Warren wrote:
"Re: Public utilities donate to political parties: NDP (Nov. 2).

The time has come for all of Ontario, if not Canada, to demand some public accountability from those who are committed to making Ontario Hydro profitable for everyone. As we have just been informed, the various branches of Ontario Hydro have contributed our dollars to the election coffers of the Ontario Liberals. I believe this practice is unacceptable. How can we justify the increases (yearly) in the cost of providing hydro when some of these increases have been given to one political party?

From the earliest of times, Ontario Hydro has lived to the excess as seen in its annual bonuses and luxury offices throughout Ontario. Although I too have voted for St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley, as I hold him in high regard both as a politician and a man with a good heart, he and the others at Queen's Park have to stand up and demand accountability! Enough is enough!

I would suggest the Ontario Liberals hire an independent auditor with full access and authority over the books of Ontario's hydro system. Although the results may not be what some would want, this is a must. I would even go so far as to appoint Larry Iggulden, despite his lack of favour with certain local Liberals. I know the quality of Iggulden's heart. The results would be more than fair and true to his profession's standards."


Can ya believe it?
It's right there, in a letter to the St.Catharines Standard's editor: "enough is enough" writes Warren - who then without a blink goes on to shill for the Liberal disease known as Jim Bradley, actually believing that Bradley's Liberalism is a SOLUTION, and not the damn problem!! You're expecting accountability from Jim Bradley?! Now?! After how many Liberal lies over how many FLICKING decades?! Really???!?
And over at the St.Catharines Standard's feedback (Nov.1, 2010) 'Sick of the politics!' from Niagara Falls wrote:
"I just read the article about the lady with lung cancer, who was never told.....It sickens me that an ailing health care system in Niagara continues to thrive at the expense of the residents health and lives....politicians and fat cats sit around the troff and champion what is best for them....perpetuate the red tape and ambiguity....Then when people take notice and decide to probe the system, our politicians flip flop and go against the probe (Salci).

Im glad to see Niagara has wisened up and voted in the right direction to get people into office who want to make the system right for us maybe we can look at the plagued health care sytem in Niagara before anyone else has to wait a year for a cancer to make them terminal before being informed!

Make sme sick thinking about it...."

(see here re the above writer's mention of 'the lady with lung cancer, who was never told')

It's astounding how people continue to believe that Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor and the rest of McGuinty's Liberal majority government are somehow not involved, are simply just innocent bystanders, while the health care monopoly [enforced by them!] crumbles, or while donations from public hydro utilities head into the pockets of the Ontario Liberal Party. It's as if the Liberals have nothing to do with the problem in the first place; and then, other Liberals just magically appear with illusory 'solutions'!!
'Salci flip flopped'? Over what? A pointless 'probe'? Just look at what Kim Craitor's lying Liberal scumbags have been doing for the last seven years, for crying out loud! This fiasco is Jim Bradley's and Kim Craitor's fault; it's THEIR glorious single-payer health system that failed once again. It was Craitor and Bradley and McGuinty and Smitherman and the rest of the guilty Liberal scum who have been flip flopping since 2003: raising taxes, cutting health services, and then lying to us that everything was great with their health monopoly!! The Liberals are the ones who have denied and obstructed probes into their health monopoly!!
Can ya NOT see that?
And you're just waking up now - in time to pointlessly blame Salci?! Pathetic.
MPP Kim Craitor must just relish taking advantage of such basic ignorance, and being the beneficiary of such blissful simplicity.
Allowing Liberals to help "solve" the problems which they themselves created is not the answer - but nevertheless, due to Bradley Syndrome and Boyle's Law of Liberal Infallibility, this is what these sample responses show.
'Yeah I voted for Good Hearted Ole Jimmy - yeah he'll solve the problem which those Liberals caused and then ignored'.
Say WHAAAATT?!? Apparently, Bradley Syndrome induces the delusion that Jim Bradley is NOT a Liberal, and therefore, cannot possibly be associated with any Liberal problems - and, oh, yeah... consequently, he is held harmless from any Liberal policy fallout!
It's truly astounding ignorance. Can there be another explanation?
And how is (Liberal) Jim Diodati in Niagara Falls going to "help" the fact that McGuinty's Liberal health care monopoly is failing?!
What ignorance.
Global-warming fear mongerer Jim Diodati is the best thing that could have happened to local Liberals Kimmy'n'Jimmy. He'll "help" allright - help spin the blame anywhere else but on his own Liberal party. Just wait.
Like with good ole Grit Vance Badawey, Diodati can now spend years pretending that McGuinty's Liberal single-payer monopolist health care idiocy was someone else's failure, and NOT Bradley's or Craitor's!!
The writer talks about "troffs" and the "plagued" health system - in a bizarre detached, deluded way - as if the LIBERALS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!
The Diodatis and Badaweys are no cures: they're part of the failed ideological Liberal monopolist problem.

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