Sunday, November 21, 2010

Freeze in the dark for Dalton

Interesting comments by RMAT in the National Post comments (Nov.20, 2010):

"Ontario NDP leader Horwath says people can't afford the HST on hydro bills while her federal counter part supports the greenwashing that's responsible for the bulk of hydro rate increases. When carbon trade gets implemented, the bills will go up again. Meanwhile Taliban JAck says it was undemocratic for the "unelected " senate to kill the Climate Bill passed by the toika's majority in the house. When did the Canadian public give the troika a mandate to go beyond "kyoto"?

Ontario could have put up-to-date scrubbers on the coal plants for a fraction of the cost. But since scrubbers don't take out CO2, they build high priced wind farms and solar. We are killing more jobs than we are creating... meanwhile..."the global coal trade would grow significantly during the next few decades, with total thermal seaborne coal demand set to increase from 680-million tons to 1,1-billion tons between 2010 and 2025." And Ontarians are going to save the planet by freezing in the dark (at least those who don't work for public sector with cost of living increases and indexed pensions- the NDP core support)?

Ontario energy minister was on CBC telling us make the sacrifice fo the sake of creating a better world for grandkids. Those starving farmers who are leasing lands to industrial wind farms are exposing their kids to 3x recommended noise levels and resulting health impacts(sorry, but government's EP rules don't protect kids whose parents sign leases with wind farm developers). Those gas plants in the GTA that back up the wind turbines are poisoning the kids with their emissions. And they tell us they are doing this for the kids."

Horwath and Layton should get their stories straight. Layton's whining about the planet being destroyed by Al Gore's fictional floods is really tiresome. Layton 'going beyond Kyoto' is socialism going beyond the pale. McGuinty ignored clean coal (no such thing, argue the greensheviks) so scrubbers weren't a Liberal priority - seeing as they weren't designed to clean the fictitious evil Co2, but actual real pollutants! So making Co2 an evil became a precondition for Al Gore and his greenshevik acolytes to attempt to corner the carbon-trading market.

George Smitherman was brought in by McGuinty to trot out the Liberal GreenWash Energy Act, and to lie about what it would cost.

As John Ivison reported on Nov.19, 2010:

"The province will be in the red for another eight years (at least), and net debt has risen from $138-billion seven years ago (28.2% of GDP) to $220-billion this year (37.2% of GDP) -- almost $17,000 for every person in Ontario.

This is in large measure because of spending under the McGuinty government, which has risen to $116-billion this year, 21.3% of GDP, up from 16.2% when Mr. McGuinty came to power in 2003.

Hydro bills are on the rise, in part because of the Liberal Green Energy Act.

The act offers absurdly generous 20-year payments to solar and wind power producers (between 44.3¢ and 71.3¢ per kilowatt hour for solar and between 13.5¢ and 19¢ for wind. This compares with the average weighted price for electricity of 4.02¢).

Rather than reducing an already crippling debt load that costs taxpayers $9.7-billion a year to service, the McGuinty government is prepared to increase the burden on the next generation to pay for its own poorly conceived and badly implemented green energy policies."


Ivison above clearly outlines the costs - paid by the taxpayer - which the moronic Liberals are spending to implement Smitherman's GreenWash fiasco.

So now, take a look at what Smitherman told us back on May 27, 2009, about his GritShitTM GreenCrapTM Energy Fiasco:

"Let me say a word about price. The weighted average market price for electricity in 2008 was 5.2 cents a kilowatt hour, down from 7.2 cents in 2005, and less than the average price of 5.5 cents since the market opened seven years ago. About 40% of Ontario’s electricity production is subject to regulation. This has contributed significantly to stable prices for Ontario consumers."

McGuinty and Smitherman were gladly agreeing to pay absurd, rigged premiums to shove their GritShitEnergyTM down our throats, with long term contracts paying up to 71 cents for electricity which is sold for 4 cents. George 'bait-and-switch' Smitherman was telling Ontarians that his GreenWashed pack of lies were only going to cost us a 1% increase; now we see it's going to be at least a 46% increase!! Is this insanity, or just plain Liberal energy duplicity and incompetence?

The joke now is that you get these McGuinty-subsidized solar panels set up on your roof, then install some stadium lights aimed at the panels - day and night! - and voila, you'll be raking in the dough.

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