Friday, November 19, 2010

McGuinty jacks Hydro up 46%? ...but, Lying Liberal Smitherman said it would only rise 1%!

Let's have look at George Smitherman's lies when he was Dalton McGuinty's Minister of Green Energy Propaganda.

Beware: reading this report... [from the Committee Transcripts: Standing Committee on Estimates, May 27, 2009, Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, see here] ... is enough to make one sick upon recollecting Smitherman's eco-vomit; it's also illustrative of McGuinty's continuing moronic, ideological climate change presumptions.

All the sickening Liberal climate-change-carbon-footprint-fear-mongering bureaucratized bullshit is there for you to read, as you puke at the green bolshevism of it all. (Al Gore's Chicago-based cosy little carbon-trading scam just collapsed recently - funny how the GreenTeamsters at the St.Catharines Standard didn't bother to report that!! Why - that's not important, is it!?)

So, in light of the latest Liberal energy scam (as reported by John Ivison in "Ontario's largesse just an illusion", National Post, Nov.19, 2010) we should also look back, for context, to remember Smitherman's doozy of a blatant lie back in May 2009, when he was pushing his smart meter scam and his greenshevik bolshevized energy fiasco onto Ontarians:

"Let me say a word about price. The weighted average market price for electricity in 2008 was 5.2 cents a kilowatt hour, down from 7.2 cents in 2005, and less than the average price of 5.5 cents since the market opened seven years ago. About 40% of Ontario’s electricity production is subject to regulation. This has contributed significantly to stable prices for Ontario consumers.

Through our projected investments and expenditures as part of the Green Energy Act, electricity prices are expected to rise approximately 1% annually, on average, over the next 15 years for ratepayers. Once Green Energy Act initiatives become implemented, an additional $900 million will be spent on conservation strategies across energy and electricity sectors over the next three years. By 2025, these investments, in addition to existing and other planned programs, should help a typical family in Ontario reduce their electricity consumption by 15% to 20%. "

What a piece of Liberal bullshitmanship.

'Oh, yeah, just trust me' says this McGuinty asslick - 'hydro rates will only go up about 1%' !!!!


They're going up 46% - thanks to Liberal Kyodiot climate change fear-mongerers such as Jim Bradley, Dwight Duncan, Kim Craitor, and Smitherman.

Prices up; debt up, deficit up, billions more wasted... the McGuinty Liberals' fraud perpetrated upon Ontario is mind-boggling...


Dogmatic Pragmatist said...

Good to see you continue to expose these pigs for what they are, liars and criminals!

Keep it up!

That 46% increase will make us so attractive from a business investment standpoint won't it?

CheeMiss said...

Will someone who is computer savvy please start a petition to force an early election before more financial damage is done by McGuinty and his Don Quixote (chasing windmills) visions and fear mongering of a fake Global Warming.

No politician has the right to force his views on the people. We were not asked. This Green Act was forced down our throats at the cost of BILLIONS.
Look around, every European country is backing out of the Green Energy business.

Al Gore's GW has been exposed by USA congress.
Why are we still allowing McGuinty to continue to be in charge. He has to go!

Devout Liberal voters here in Toronto have had enough of the this party's shams. If we have to wait until next year's elections, the entire party will be in for a shock if they don't get McGuinty to step down and do damage control right now!

We are taxed to death and we are sick of it.