Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jim Bradley: now with 46% more crap

Love that St.Catharines Standard Nov.23, 2010 front page story about McMullan's dour brownshirts banning signs. [Hydro increase? What hydro increase?! Why should we bother to interview Jim Bradley about that?! Jim 'the environmentalist's saint' Bradley is building windmills and nukes to save Mother Earth!!! So leave Good Ole Jimmy alone!!]
The best headline last week goes to the Toronto Star which (mis)reported/spun/twisted the real story of McGuinty's newest electricity rate-gouge with this classic lead: "Liberals to cut hydro bills by 10%" (yeah: read that again!!)
The Liberals actually RAISED the hydro rate by 46% !!
But the Star and Jim Bradley would like you to believe that the Liberals are magically CUTTING a fictitious 10%. Yep, a bit of sleight-of-hand, some accounting trapeze work, a bit of juggling and lying, and voila - lookit that: Jim 'Duplicity' Bradley just deceived us once again, promising one thing while delivering something else altogether, in classic Liberal two-faced style! And the beauty for Jim is that he's using our own money to bribe us for his re-election!! (Yeah: 'it's a cut... c'mon, trust me'!)
No wonder those politically-challenged people suffering under Boyle's law can't understand the lies and spin which McGuinty and his acolytes dump out on a daily basis: 'Yep, Ole McGinner thare's gwaana CUT da 'lectricality fer us by 10 percent, by gawrsh... da Star done been sed it, so's its gotta be true..."
hahaha... oh, that Toronto Red Star... always Jim Bradley's best friend: when a 46% increase becomes a heroic 10 % DECREASE, the Star is there to wipe Jimmy's ass.
Hey - it's now official: Jim Bradley's Liberals now contain 46% more shit.

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