Thursday, November 11, 2010

McGuinty: the No-Plan Flip-Flop Man!

Mohammed Adam And Lee Greenberg reported in "McGuinty to 'take the high road' after Liberal leak (Nov. 10, 2010):

"Premier Dalton McGuinty vowed to take the "high road" in next year's election campaign, after a leaked draft of the Liberal war room strategy revealed plans to attack the Conservative leader as a vacuous politician who would do anything to get elected.

The strategy even proposed a political attack on Tim Hudak's wife. "Deb Hutton: two for the price of one spoof," one line in the draft reads.

Ms. Hutton was one of the top strategists for former premier Mike Harris, and went on to become his chief of staff. Later, she landed a patronage appointment as vice-president of Hydro One, earning $200,000 a year.

The document, titled "Framing the Opposition: Draft Ideas and Concepts," was put together in May. It discussed how Liberal strategists believe the Tories will try to define Mr. McGuinty and his government, and spells out how the Liberals in turn, should fight back.

Speaking to reporters in Ottawa yesterday, Mr. McGuinty said he is not interested in personal attacks in a campaign.

"I'm for the high road," the Premier said.

The draft indicates that Liberal strategists may have had a different idea.

In a section headed "Hudak -- Conservatives: Them and Us" the draft document anticipated that the Tories will paint Mr. McGuinty and his government as "tax-and-spend Liberals, corrupt, tired, arrogant, incompetent, liars, greedy and self-serving."

To "counter-balance" the portrayal, the document spells out the counterattack. The draft recommends the Liberals attack Mr. Hudak as "vacuous" a politician with "no plan," who "will do and say anything to get elected."

A Liberal official acknowledged the authenticity of the document but said it was a draft only and the party had ruled out an attack on Ms. Hutton.

"I have made it clear that this campaign will not engage in negative advertising, and will not engage in attacking or highlighting the family lives of other contestants," said Mr. Sorbara."
Sorbara: isn't he that McGuintyite Grit who said disdainfully during the Liberals first budget speech on May 18, 2004 that Harris' Conservatives were spending TOO MUCH on health care, and that he was going to stop that?!
Oh yeah, and isn't he the one who then announced that the Grits were going to break their election promise (...ah, c'mon, let's call it what it was: a bald-faced LIE...) that they would not increase taxes?
Talk about the sheer audacity of any McGuinty Liberal smugly accusing those 'who will do and say anything to get elected': that description FITS McGUINTY'S GRITS to the letter!
The Liberals PAID for someone to tell them that they're lying, corrupt, tired, tax-and-spend scumbags?! Duh...
What a typical Liberal waste of money. (Wonder which public utility helped pay for that ?)
Jim Bradley's as vacuous a politician as any Liberal can get: slippery and secretive too!! His plan is to hide while "no-plan" McGuinty flip-flops his way from one lie to another.

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