Friday, November 19, 2010

Jim Bradley's problematic Liberal health-care monopolism

Michael Bliss wrote in Universal health care 'problematic' (National Post Nov.19, 2010):

"In a way that Canadians do not like to recognize, modern history has already passed stark and sobering judgment on Canadian medicare.

Despite the system's popularity and iconic status; despite the belief by many Canadian health experts that the Canada Health Act system, a single-payer government monopoly, is the best way to deliver modern healthcare; and despite years of nationalist proclamation that Canadian health insurance ought to be a model to the world (and especially to the United States), no country has adopted the Canadian model.

In the eyes of the world, Cuba and North Korea perhaps excepted, Canadian medicare is not a model. The vast majority of global healthcare experts — led, of course, by those who designed healthcare reform in the United States — do not consider the Canadian system to be a practical ideal.

While Canada is widely perceived as a high-achieving global participant in many areas of biomedical research — a capacity that predated and has developed largely independently of the medicare system — it is not clear that there is parallel respect and demand for other areas of Canadian health-care expertise. Canada has not stood particularly high in various attempts to rate the quality of national healthcare systems, ranging from the World Health Organization's highly controversial standings, through recent comparisons that have us vying with the United States for bottom status.

Put more bluntly, since 1968 Canada does not seem to have generated much in the way of exportable health insurance excellence..."

Well, at least we can be assured that Liberal MPP Jim Bradley [...whose Liberals have developed a habit of exporting patients to the States, because their Liberal health monopoly can't provide for them in Ontario...] doesn't find his own Liberal health care duplicity 'problematic'.
Jim 'I hate doctors' Bradley won't bother to discuss Bliss' views.
As with his doomsday global-warming-climate-change-carbon-footprint Kyodiotic greenshevist gobbledygook, Bradley must find his Liberal brand of authoritarian despotism soothing.

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