Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Americanization of P-3 Bradley

When Tom Blackwell wrote (in "Private role in hospitals no longer taboo", National Post, Nov.25, 2010) of Liberals who smugly proclaimed that they stood against "the Americanization of our hospitals", he was pretty much describing the hypocrisy of secretive St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim 'I hate doctors' Bradley - see:

- Liberal health-care duplicity, pg.37; pg.67; pg.73

- Blood-stained hospital curtains can't hide Liberal health-care neglect

- That wonderful "free" Canadian health-care. Again.

- Will Liberal Transport Minister Jim Bradley open new 'Sicko' lanes at U.S. border to ease Canadian health-care exodus?

- Health-care Exodus: more Ontarians forced to U.S. for treatment

- Ontario's broken health-system cure: a big box of Band-Aids

- Canadian health-care's miserable waiting lists

- Liberals develop disturbing new export market: outsourcing patients to the States

- Mr. McGuinty, tear down that health-care-monopoly wall!

Does health-care-monopolist Jim Bradley believe Canada should suspend the Canada Health Act? Or how about getting rid of Smitherman's dictatorial Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act?

Now that U.S. health care has been obamanized, Jim's now probably very much in favour of the 'Americanization of health-care'!

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