Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Andrew Gill vs. Jim Bradley - which Liberal is telling the truth?!

Further to the stories here and here...

...let's see whether McGuinty's Liberal MPP Jim Bradley can explain to Ignatieff's Liberal candidate Andrew Gill about Ontario's positions on corporate tax cuts and on building new jails!
That'd be fun to watch.
Will anyone from the St.Catharines Standard's JimmyBoyFanclub bother to ask Jimmy - or Andy - to 'splain themselves? Running the same Dewar cartoon in the St.Catharines Standard over and over isn't a substitute for real reporting, Ms.Bullis...
Seeing that Gill lives in Ontario, and seeing that his own local Liberal buddy MPP Bradley's government just handed down a Mar.29, 2011 budget which includes lowering corporate tax rates and building new prisons, will Gill swallow the pill and immediately and publicly lodge his protest to Bradley?!
Thought so... what Liberal hypocrisy.
Will Liberal Iggy publicly challenge and ridicule Liberal McGuinty about yesterday's Liberal budget, which stands in stark contrast to the Liberalism which Iggy preaches?!!
Thought so... what Liberal charlatans!
Dwight Duncan - McGuinty's Liberal finance minister, the Grit who wrote yesterday's budget (...ya know: with the tax cuts and jail-buildin') - nevertheless says he will campaign for Ignatieff  (...ya know, who is against tax cuts and jail-buildin'...!!)
The blatant partisan hypocrisy of these Liberal charlatans is exposed for all to see.
And speaking of charlatans, don't forget that our two-faced weasel Bradley himself doesn't really believe in tax cuts: during the Harris years, a sanctimonious Bradley made it abundantly clear that he opposed tax cuts!
But nowww...


Michael said...

Andrew Gill vs. Jim Bradley - which Liberal is telling the truth?
That's a trick question because Liberals don't tell the truth.

R.Bobak said...

Damn: good point!