Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Forget the phony Liberal-orchestrated NHS "investigations" - it's time to call the cops on McGuinty's Liberals

It's astounding to see all these squawking Liberals running around, such as Jim Diodati and Carolyn Ioannoni, who want some kind of investigation  into the NHS  -  yet, they never demand any investigation of the  Liberal-created LHIN, which oversees the NHS!
C. difficile killed hundreds of patients in Liberal Ontario several years ago, while Diodati's and Iaonnoni's Liberal heroes McGuinty, Bradley, Craitor, and Smitherman REFUSED to call a public inquiry!!
Where were Diodati's partisan tears then?!
Where the FLICK was an oh-so-concerned Diodati when Jim Bradley's and McGuinty's secretive Liberals REFUSED to allow the Ombudsman to investigate those C. difficile deaths?!
Now the Niagara Falls council wants some kind of  "independent investigator supervisor" - but where was Diodati when Bradley's Liberals REFUSED to appoint a supervisor to the NHS years ago?!?!?!
Appointing a supervisor to run the NHS would have allowed the Ombudsman to investigate the NHS -so where was Diodati in that debate?!
What a damn Liberal hack hypocrite.
Does Diodati want this 'supervisor' to ALSO be some kind of  'investigator'??!! Does Diodati want to dissolve the NHS board?
And now, Liberal Vince Kerrio wants to contact the Ministry of Health directly?!?! To do what??  To show us what a phony, incompetent sham the Smitherman-McGuinty LHIN disaster is in the first place?! Your own Liberal health minister Matthews has no problems with the NHS, or the LHIN, Vince!! Why don't you go check with the politicians ACTUALLY pulling the strings: your buddies McGuinty and Deb Matthews?!!!!
What a Liberal charade of Grit hacks pretending that they're oh-so-concerned... yet, they DO NOT WANT to investigate their OWN LIBERAL party's ideological culpability in running a secretive and unaccountable single-payer health monopoly.
Screw asking, or trusting, any Liberal hack with any kind of phony investigation: it's time to call in the police to see if McGuinty's Liberals should be charged with criminal negligence. It has come to that.
McGuinty runs Ontario's health-care monopoly; it's time his Liberals were jointly and severally held accountable for the conditions which they created.
McGuinty's Liberals should be compelled to answer for their secrecy and their negligence at a criminal trial.
Ontario's secretive Liberal health-care monopolists circled their wagons and hid during the last killer c. diff outbreak; I don't remember Kerrio or Diodati or Iaonnoni being too bothered about that. The Liberals cannot be trusted to carry out ANY true "independent" investigation.

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