Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Liberals deflect blame for their own secret-G20-law incompetence

CHCH on Jun.21, 2011 reported in "Premier dogged by G20 during GM visit":
"Premier Dalton McGuinty couldn't escape lingering questions about the G20 summit, during a pre-campaign stop Tuesday in St Catharines.
McGuinty was there to tour the General Motors plant, flanked by local MPP and provincial safety minister Jim Bradley.
He defended his government's decision to take a direct role in trying to save the province's auto industry, saying that GM has already paid off its loan. He also noted that Ontario's manufacturing sector was particularly hard hit during the economic downturn.
McGuinty was also asked about the demand for a public inquiry, into the secret law governing police powers during last year's G20 summit in Toronto.
He admits his government should have done a better job communicating the law they passed - but says that's all he's responsible for.
"We had a particular connection with this, involving a particular law. We have asked a highly regarded statesman to review that for us and provide us with specific recommendations; we have received those recommendations. We are adopting those wholeheartedly and that's our connection with the G20."
"I have always said if there is an inquiry to be called it is up to the prime minister. It was his G20, it was his invitation, it was his choice to bring it to Toronto, it was his police predominantly that ran the security for this major undertaking "
Most of the people arrested during the G20 weekend were released without charge, or had the charges dropped.
Civil liberty groups have been demanding a public inquiry since shortly after the summit."
Liberal scumbags McGuinty and Bradley hide from acknowledging that it was their law - not someone else's law! - which precipitated the outrageous police response.
It was Liberal Rick Bartolucci's botched G20 law which was purposefully passed in secret by McGuinty's Liberal cabinet, and then purposefully misrepresented up to and until the havoc ensued.
The utter gall for these two pieces of Liberal shit to shift the blame and pretend that they aren't culpable in this massive civil rights abuse!!
These Liberal FLICKERS and political manipulators Bradley and McGuinty are the ones who SHOULD BE IN JAIL.

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