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The emotional health-care terrorism of Jim Bradley's Ontario Liberal government

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...don't tell sickos Michael Moore or Ole Mike Dukakis, or Babs Yaffe and her frothing Shona Holmes-haters, about this Dec.5, 2012 Toronto Star story!

While we're at it: don't tell Ontario Liberal health-minister Deb Matthews about it, and for gaia's sake, don't ask global-warming greenfear-monger and single-payer health monopolist, Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about it, either.

And DO NOT ask any of those pathetic Liberal chumps, who are eagerly vying to become Liberal leader (and therefore Ontario's next premier) to comment about this case!! Don't want any of those phony-'Liberal renewal' peddlers to dare commit to any non-party line about healthcare!

As Jim Rankin wrote in the Star story:
"...Hajinian and her brother were amazed by the level of care [in the United States] and both feel her case highlights a major problem with health care in Ontario and Canada.
Despite a petition and campaign to get her help, including pleas to MPs, MPPs and a package Babikian personally delivered to Premier Dalton McGuinty, the system, in this case, did not deliver in a timely fashion, says Babikian.
“We never heard anything from them,” said Babikian.
With all of the money spent on health care in Canada, they don’t comprehend why they had to put so much effort — for so long — into a futile hunt for specialized help in Canada.
The quest for care has taken a toll. Her husband suffered a minor stroke and caring for her has stressed the extended family.
“We don’t want any more Ontarians to live through the hell that we lived through for the last 13 years,” said Babikan. “Why do we need to put hard-working Ontarians and their families through, to be honest, what is emotional terrorism by our own government. This is not a third-world country where you hear of such stories.”
If all goes as hoped with her recovery, the money spent on her surgery may actually save Canadian taxpayers the added long term health care and other costs that Hajinian most likely would have racked up without the surgery.
“Our health care system needs a serious revision, serious reform,” said Babikian. “I don’t understand how these bureaucrats make these decisions.”
Hajinian says she heard from more than one Canadian doctor that the U.S. doctors would do the surgery just for the money.
“But why would they risk their reputation for a $30,000 surgery?” wondered Hajinian. “It wasn’t for the money. They provided the service and they were concerned...”
Ontario patients did not hear back from McGuinty's Liberals?!!!! Where oh where were McGuinty's Liberals hiding?! Hiding is what McGuinty's Liberal weasels do best!!
No one really understands how Ontario bureaucrats in McGuinty's Liberal health care monopoly "make these decisions", even at HSARB!!
McGuinty's Liberal monopolist hacks DID NOT and DO NOT want ANY serious revision or reform to their disastrous health monopoly!!

They immediately (with their friends at the Toronto Star and the St.Catharines Standard Bradley Bootlicker) attack anyone who suggests any kind of healthcare reform for Ontario!! [It's amazing to even see the Star carrying this story, seeing as the Star, like the St.Catharines Standard, naturally, vehemently advocates for the Tommy Douglas status-quo and against what patients  themselves are saying!!]
When Babikian talks of emotional terrorism by "our own government", let's remember, this refers to Dalton McGuinty's Liberal government in Ontario. This is what Liberal Healthcare Duplicity is all about!!
This also includes pathetic Liberal hacks like Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, who is a stalwart anti-patient-choice statist, a smug single-payer monopolist, and an American health-system-hater, who for decades has sneered with contempt at the U.S. health system.
Monopolist Bradley never advocated any serious reform of his health monopoly; Bradley could care less about what to him are meaningless anecdotes from the Hajinians or the Kapurs or the Bradys of Ontario. To Ole Monopolist Jimmy, such patients are but little glitches, mere footnotes, irksome anomalies, minor inconveniences, in Bradley's Great Liberal Radiant Healthcare Future!!
Liberal MPP Jim Bradley will keep kissing Tommy Douglas' ass, no matter how many Ontarians are threatened by Bradley's ideologically-perverted health policies.

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