Thursday, April 11, 2013

Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley - Ontario's "Godfather of GreenFear" - remains unchalleged by the media on latest energy fiasco

There's another good article from Scott Stinson about the Dalton Wynne/ Kathleen McGuinty { can't tell them apart, really...} Liberal government's energy disaster:  Ontario paying the price for Energy Act (National Post, Apr.11, 2013).

With Ontario's auditor-general now reporting that Ontario has lost almost TWO BILLION dollars by exporting electricity at a loss, when do you think anyone in Niagara will actually bother to question the local Liberals whose government caused this mess?!

When will Niagara's vaunted Liberal-shoe-shining press ever bother to question their local Liberal purveyors of climate-change fear, MPP's Kim Craitor and Jim Bradley, and ask them to comment on the massive costs caused by their own climate-fear propaganda?!

... do ya think the St.Catharines Standard's Laughable Wrong-Righters Wendy Metcalfe, or Bolichowski, or Don Fraser haha or Lafleche hahhaa will ever bother to dare ask Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley {who just happens to be Ontario's disgusting Environment Minister!!} Jim Bradley 'bout any of this...?!? [easy answer: nope]

The Liberals' Green Energy Act (aka George Smitherman's GreenFear Act of Economic Destruction) has been lovingly supported by the media in Niagara, essentially without question: after all, we were all warned that the Planet Was In Peril  by Niagara's GreenFear-supporting press propagandists.

The assumptions at the root of this gargantuan green-energy cockup were based on the climate-change / global-warming enviro-alarmism propagated for years by none other than Niagara's own local boy, Good Ole Jim Bradley!!

Jim Bradley's green-pushing bolshevism was allowed to pass essentially unchallenged in Niagara's press.

Jim Bradley - Ontario's Godfather of GreenFear - has been given such a free ride in Niagara's Liberal-pandering press, that it's an affront to "journalism"; it's been more like years of JimmyFriendly oh-shucks-golly-gee ignorant fawning Bradley FanClub puff-pieces, which border on being unpaid fifth-columnist propaganda/campaign literature!
Niagara's "reporters" don't question Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's GreenFear propaganda - they evangelize it.

Liberal MPP Jim Bradley has been riding a long, unchallenged wave of fawning from Niagara's media.

No one has bothered to examine Jim Bradley's decades of Green bolshevism, or to even ask Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley to reveal his specific AGW "evidence" for global-warming/climate-change, and then ask Ole Jimmy how his brand of "it's-all-settled"-GreenFear-socialism will "solve" any of it!! What a GreenFraud hoax this all is!!

There is a direct link between Liberal Jim Bradley's Kyoto-pushing-GreenFear-propaganda and his Liberals' disastrous Green Energy Act, which, with all its consequent costly energy experiments, inevitably led to the pathetic resignation of disgusting Dalton McGuinty.

The whole fiasco was based on GreenFear, propagated from the start by unchallenged climatalarmists such as St.Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley... and his enabler friends in Niagara's press.

So: Keep that quiet, ya hear?!


R.Bobak said...

Looking through the St.Catharines Standard, on Oct 9, 2013 and Oct. 10 2013 (after Ontario's auditor Bonnie Lysyk found that Liberal liar McGuinty's GreenFear-based gas-plant/seat-buying fiasco will cost Ontario taxpayers over a BILLION dollars) there was NO INTERVIEW to be found with St.Catharines' Liberal MPP Jim Bradley about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING!!
Ole GreenFear-monger Jim Bradley just VANISHED!!!!!!!!!
Ontario Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley's decades of unsubstantiated climate alarmism directly led to Dalton's disastrous implementation of Green bolshevism in Ontario's economy. Now, that sack of Grit Jim Bradley is nowhere to be found!!
And the St.Catharines Standard will do their best to forget about their Liberal buddy Jim Bradley's role in any of this!!!
Jim had nothin' to do with it - - - Nothin'!!!!

R.Bobak said...

Following their Oct. 9 and Oct.10 editions, and continuing with the St.Catharines Standard's Oct.11 edition and Oct.12 (Saturday edition) - there was NO INTERVIEW with Liberal hack MPP Jim Bradley about his costly gas plant scandal!
No interview with Bradley examining his Liberal party's constant obfuscation of the truth on the matter, for some three years!!
No interview with Jim Bradley asking him for a detailed explanation as to how his decades-long campaign of GreenFear-mongering about global warming directly led to the Liberals' thoughtless siting of the gas plants, and consequently to the Liberals' disgusting, self-serving, cancellation-seat-buying spree.
And then there's Thanksgiving over the weekend - and VIOLA! - the locals will forget about Jim Bradley's role in any of this; so, once again, the Jim Bradley FanClub at the St.Catharines Standard pulled through for their Boy Bradley, protecting Ole Climate-change-propagandist Jim Bradley from any local media scrutiny.
The St.Catharines Standard's bosses - publisher Mark Cressman, editor in chief Peter Conradi, and managing editor Erica Bajer - have failed abysmally in their roles to provide responsible journalism in Niagara.
Jim Bradley's entire political career has been built around his (to-this-day unexplained) GreenFear-infected, climatalarmist belief that the planet is collapsing due to the presence of pesky humans.
The Standard hasn't bothered to specifically examine or challenge the supposed-scientific-basis of Bradley's GreenFear-induced beliefs, nor has the Standard bothered to examine the influence of Bradley's GreenFear beliefs in context with Bradley's policy actions.
Yet - Bradley has been Environment Minister under three Ontario premiers.
For years, the Jim Bradley FanClub at the Standard has done their best not to ask Jim Bradley any tough questions.
The sad Standard has revealed its institutional bias; its unfailing and by-now completely predictable penchant for coddling their local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, for protecting Bradley and purposefully shielding Bradley from local press examination.
The St. Catharines Standard is an embarrassment as a "newspaper"; but, it is doing a great job as a Bradley-Liberal-booster.
It is acting like a full-time media campaign manager for Jim Bradley, in between elections! With nice photo-ops of Ole Jim Bradley handing out millions here and there, but then wrapping Jim Bradley in a media Cone Of Silence when anything controversial appears, THIS is the kind of press Warren Kinsella likes!!

R.Bobak said...

Continuing on: the Oct.15 and Oct.16, 2013 editions of the St.Catharines Jim Bradley Brown-Nosing Standard also DID NOT carry any interview with local St.Catharines Liberal hack MPP Jim Bradley, regarding his gargantuan gas-plant/seat-buying fiasco.
As hoped-for by the Standard's well-taught Metcalfian Wrong-Righters, the gas plant scandal is now history. The Standard (aka Niagara's unofficial Jim Bradley campaign manager) did their loyal duty to Liberal Jim Bradley, and conducted NO interviews with Ontario's Godfather of GreenFear, Ole EnviroJimmy Bradley.
No local St.Catharines Standard reporter could be bothered to detail Jim Bradley's role in his Liberal government's energy disaster. No reports from the Standard as to where Jim Bradley has vanished.
Amazing - it's as if Liberal Environment Minister Jim Bradley had NOTHING to do with the gas-plant fiasco!!