Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ontario's long Liberal health-care wait-times

The St. Catharines Standard wrote on Apr.15, 2006:

“Wait times for cancer care in Niagara are getting better. Or possibly worse.
Depending on your preferred statistics -- and who you talk to -- the issue is open to debate.
Erie-Lincoln Tory MPP Tim Hudak believes Niagara patients are waiting longer for cancer care.
In the provincial legislature earlier this week, Hudak claimed government statistics show wait times have increased 13 per cent in Niagara since last July -- and 38 per cent in Hamilton.
"Despite Liberal promises and a Liberal health tax, there has been no improvement. Things have gotten worse," Hudak said.
Not so, said St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley.
"In fact, this government is investing substantial amounts to bring those times down,' said Bradley.
"Month to month those times may vary, but the trend line is down."”

On Apr.29, 2006 the St. Catharines Standard reported in: “Province ponies up $2.7M to cut down on wait times”:

“Wait times for cancer surgery, joint replacements and other procedures in Niagara should be reduced by an infusion of $2.7 million from Queen's Park, says St. Catharines MPP Jim Bradley.
"There are a number of issues when it comes to wait times, but one of the big ones is money," Bradley said in an interview Friday afternoon. "This should help the hospitals pay for more of these procedures and make inroads in the backlog of people waiting for them."”

Yet, here it is in 2008: Katie Simpson reported in “Ontario gets failing grade in cancer care report card”, (680 News, Feb.12, 2008):

“Cancer patients that live in Ontario are more likely to die than those in Western provinces, according to the Cancer Advocacy Coalition of Canada.
"Cancer research funding is oriented toward bacteria, mice and cancer cells instead of how to prevent cancer and change people's behaviour, which is the main cause of cancer," said Dr. William Hryniuk.
The group said young patients are being ignored, clinical research is too slow, and medical staffers are being used ineffectively.
"Nurses are not nursing patients but they're nursing doctors and clinics and watering plants," he said, adding patients in Western Canada have access to new Blockbuster drugs, PET scans, and face shorter wait times than those in Ontario.”

When it comes to health care waiting lists, Jim Bradley’s Liberals say one thing, do another. Is the "trend down"?? The wait times in the Liberal government-run health-monopoly, despite billions of tax dollars being spent, are still unacceptable. When Liberals like Jim Bradley say they dumped “substantial amounts to bring those wait times down”, and yet we see that the wait times are still high, we can only wonder how appropriately Bradley’s Liberals are apportioning our tax dollars on our behalf. Or if these bumbling Liberal medicare-middlemen even know what they're doing.

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