Thursday, February 28, 2008

Global-warming has nothing to do with climate-change

Watched the Michael Coren Show (CTS, Feb.27, 2008) with guests Ted Woloshyn, David Menzies and Marilyn Churley. Woloshyn was right on in condemning Toronto's school board for not teaching about the Soviet man-made famine-holocaust in Ukraine under Stalin.
The debate turned to “global warming”, and in an exchange between Menzies and Churley, Churley blurted something to the effect that ‘global warming’ isn’t the issue/problem – that it’s 'climate change.'
An exasperated Menzies said that well, the climate is changing…and has for eons.
The more I listen to Churley, the more insufferable she becomes. Her tranformational defense of the whole global warming act (so zealotly pushed the likes of Jack Layton) to now say it’s really about climate change just makes one wonder what the flick this former Ontario NDP politician (shudder) is talking about??
If the subject being blabbed ad nauseum by Suzuki, Gore, et all isn’t about "global warming", what is it about? Haven't they been claiming all along that it's all about global warming – more specifically MAN-MADE, anthropogenic carbon emissions – that cause the greenhouse effect leading to climate change? Isn’t that exactly the narrative being peddled by the kyodiots for the last number of years??
Marilyn Churley is now denying ‘global warming’ and morphing the cause as now being ‘climate change’ ??!! Well, Marilyn, OF COURSE the climate is changing! Tell us something we don’t already know. This is some great revelation to her? But, what then is 'changing' the 'climate', Marilyn?? Is it no longer the supposed/alleged GLOBAL WARMING CAUSED BY MAN?!
It’s like she’s talking in circles.
"Climate change" safely encompasses both global warming and global cooling camps. So when anthrpogenic global warming is laid to rest, the Churley's can still say see - the climate has changed! Yes, Marilyn, it snows in winter and gets hot in the summer, we have weather cycles and seasonal cycles, the sun rises once a day, rivers flow downhill............doh.
Climate stasis – now there would be a real concern, where nothing ever changes for all time. No planetary effects, no man made effects, no effects whatsoever from the sun…that would be something for Marilyn Churley to chew on.
In a related story (aren't they always somehow related?), the Canadian Government on Feb.26 released its 2008 Budget - which included millions of dollars to build NEW ICEBREAKER SHIPS to patrol the Arctic.

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