Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Shocking evidence of global warming in Niagara Falls

The sign, obscured by a two-inch thick layer of ice, in a cloud of pelting mist-hail, says 'Welcome to Niagara Falls, Canada's Banana Belt'
Don't tell Al Gore: that's snow... and ice... and frost... and cold...
Get out the ski-doos.
The ice shelf on the Niagara River has increased in two days, now reaching the base of the Horseshoe Falls. The area in the foreground was still open water on Sunday Feb.10, 2008. (See previous post) Al Gore says: fascinating, yet illogical. This does not compute! The ice should be melting!Giant thirty-foot long icicles hang over the entrance to the forbidden Frozen Fortress of Solitude.
Table Rock plaque caked with ice. [Click on any photo to enlarge]
Compare this video, taken today, Feb.12, 2008, with the video taken on Feb.10, 2008, posted earlier. It can be clearly seen that in the last two days, the Niagara River has become frozen all the way to the base of the Falls. According to the Goracle, the ice should be RECEDING. We've had record snowfalls in Southern Ontario, and are now in the middle of a deep-freeze here and in upstate New York.

Help heat us, Al Gore!
Hey, David Suzuki: stop jailing people who don't share your enivro-mental fantasies, and knit us some toques!
Liberal Green-Shift-er hack Stephane Dion isn't here to see the Niagara Ice Bridge form and grow, either - he and his Liberal cowards are busy today, running away from their job in Ottawa: they've walked out en-masse refusing to vote on the crime bill in the House of Commons.

Astoundingly, all their Liberal hot-air is still not enough to melt the ice.

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