Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fantasy Liberal throne speech shows Bumbledore Dion's not a contender

This past week, Canada's Opposition Leader Stephane Dion capitulated and acquiesced to do nothing about the Oct. 16, 2007 Throne speech; yet, just in September, Dion was threatening that if the Throne speech didn't meet four Liberal demands, he would vote against it!

Obviously, Dion didn’t bravely and resolutely stand firm on his often-stated, so-called, deep convictions; nor on his apparently dear, cherished beliefs; or even on his supposedly strong principles. Dion didn’t ante up to call the sitting minority government’s 'bluff' to trigger an election. No, despite all his posturing, sputtering, sneering and back-pedalling, when he had his chance to fish-or-cut-bait, Dion did… nothing! Dion folded!

This saint was doing Canadians a favour through his painful suffering, you see, to save us from an unnecessary election! It had nothing to do with the fact, either, that Dion's Liberals got their clock cleaned recently in three Quebec by-elections! On TV, Dion made his rambling, at times unintelligible, speech in the House rationalizing his inaction, and worse, invoked Al Gore, to roars of laughter in the background. Michael Ignatieff could be seen behind Dion, rolling his eyes and at times chuckling himself. Apparently, Dion got 14 standing ovations (for bravery to abandon his convictions?), 7 of which, according to CTV's Mike Duffy, Iggy didn't bother to even stand up for.

Dion then made another bizarre turn in his manic, contradictory, zig-zag role as Liberal leader: he wrote a manifesto in the Toronto Star (Oct. 20, 2007) purportedly being his fantasy Throne speech as he believed it would/should/could have been!

Where - in Bizarro World?

Dion lists in his faux Throne speech all the great and wonderful and magnificent accomplishments that he "would have" done!! “Would have done” if only what…oh yeah, if only earlier this week Dion had actually done something about the real Throne speech, rather than whine after having done nothing?? Dion’s pathetic pretend document was, strangely, written “for the Toronto Star”!? Wow, a Liberal delivers his fake Throne speech to Star sycophants, but not actually to Canadians! Dion's still-born dirge is full of repetitive ‘I would have done this’s’ and ‘I would have done that’s’ and has a kind of melancholy swan-song defeatism wafting through its narrative core.

Dion, (taking over Paul "Stumbledore" Martin's role as Mr.Dithers the 2nd) waxes poetic about his nostalgic “alternative plan for Canada”; yet, he had a chance Oct.17 to put into motion all which he claims to care about, by simply deciding not to support the Oct. 16 Throne speech, thereby triggering an election.

Dion laughably writes that the Conservative’s Throne Speech was “all talk, no action”. Is he kidding?! After taking no action himself, Dion pens a self-indulgent work of fiction which is all talk! Is the utter irony lost on this so-called “leader”? Dion, after unwittingly writing his own set-up, then writes his own unfortunate punch-line: “That just isn’t my style”. Who writes Dion’s jokes? Waffling and inaction is ‘not his style’…that is funny material...oh, sorry, he was being serious? Is this comedian the best talent the not-ready-for-primetime Grits can dredge up?

Dion is a 'leader' who, as the Star wrote in bold-face-type above his letter, was simply “talked out of voting against the Conservative throne speech” by his own party! Some leader – compromised on his own supposedly-core, long-held, unshakable beliefs; shaken out of his own idealistic better judgement, and now hypocritically crying foul over his own impotence in a pointless Star diatribe.

This entire sad denouement is an outright admission of what might not have been, had political eunuch Dion actually taken decisive action, put his money where his mouth is, and let the chips fall where they may. This Grit has outed himself as the legendary self-emasculated wizard "Bumbledore" of Fuddle-Duddleonia.

Now, he’s not even worthy of the phrase “I coulda been a contenda”.

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