Friday, November 2, 2007

Stephane Bumbledore Dion: Liberal Wizard of Abstention

After all his righteous huffing and puffing, Dion's flaccid principles just kept on sagging prior to Halloween, while his Grit party hacks pretend that this disaster is some kind of sly strategy.

A neutered Dion claimed he was against the newly-announced Harper GST cut; yet did NOTHING! He claimed he was against Flaherty's mini-budget; yet Dion compromised, caved-in and did NOTHING! He protests and whines about what he would do, but does NOTHING! He wants to raise taxes, but then he claims he wants to lower taxes.

Think back to his infamous remark during the Liberal leaders’ debate, where a defensive Dion cried out “This is unfair! Do you think it's easy to make priorities?”

Bumbledore Dion’s wizardry consists of abstaining on major Parliamentary votes, then later complaining about them, as if, making a priority to fish or cut bait is such an unfair decision to have to make. What utter hypocrisy, especially if you’re a leader of the parliamentary opposition who has claimed, loudly and for too long, that you don’t agree with everything that the sitting minority government is doing.

I guess, after delivering his fake Throne Speech, Stephane Dion will soon be introducing his own fake budget speech in the Toronto Star, followed by his pretend tax increase, to make up for his imaginary tax decrease.

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