Thursday, November 1, 2007

A 3,000-year wait-time for Ontario healthcare!

This is a Halloween story from the National Post (Oct.31, 2007):

“A 3,000-year-old mummy long believed to be a low-ranking male priest from a temple in the Luxor Valley has turned out to be a young woman. A CT scan penetrated as many as 18 layers of bandages to reveal breasts as well as evidence the mummy had once given birth. Carried out at Ontario's London Health Sciences Centre late Monday night, after the clinic had closed to the living, the scan is the most recent example of modern medical technology's increasing use to unlock the secrets of a distant past.”

Say what you want about Liberal George Smitherman’s health system, but it is frightening to see that in Ontario, live patients wait in line for service, while a 3,000 year old mummy in front of them has access to public healthcare facilities for a CT scan. Hope the mummy paid for this public service with a valid OHIP card.

There's a two-tier, Liberal-run health monopoly for you , where the dead manage to obtain health services before the living. There was no patient in all of Ontario, right, who needed a CT scan? OHH...right...the publicly-funded clinic was CLOSED to the public (you can wait till March for your scan, can't you, Sir?)...but was OPEN for the frickin' mummy! No hypocrisy here!

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