Sunday, November 4, 2007

Has Liberal Jim Bradley already broken his 2007 pledge to bring GO transit to Niagara?

Here’s what Niagara This Week reported (Nov.2, 2007) in "Jim Bradley appointed transport minister": “While he [Jim Bradley] said he envisions Go transit service being extended to the region eventually, it might not be immediate.”…“Bradley said dedicated Go buses for the region are a good possibility, though the hard numbers might not justify the service extension right now.”

“Eventually”?...“Not be immediate”?…“Not justify the service extension right now”?

This isn’t what Bradley was saying a scant three weeks ago during the election campaign!

Has Liberal Jim Bradley already broken his first election promise of 2007?

Bradley has been teasing St. Catharines for decades about GO transit, this last election being no exception. For years, Jim Bradley and his Kyoto-preaching Liberals have cultivated this impression, pretending that GO was in the cards for Niagara; but an impotent Bradley always failed to close the deal, citing some convenient excuse or another for his flaccid performance on bringing GO transit to Niagara. On this issue, Jim Bradley is proving himself a fraud and a hypocrite.

Of course, either no-one remembers, or no-one cares, about good ole Jim “B.S.” Bradley’s disingenuous Liberal "promises". It's more like Jim Bradley was anointed transport minister.

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R.Bobak said...

An edited version of this story appeared as a letter to the editor in Niagara This Week,Nov.9, 2007.