Saturday, November 10, 2007

Liberal Dion's recycled new priorities

The Liberal’s top priority under PM Paul Martin was supposedly healthcare.

By Dec.2006, Stephane Dion was elected Grit leader, and suddenly they re-framed their top priority: “Global warming is the big issue? What happened to medical wait times?” asked Lorrie Goldstein. (Toronto Sun, Dec.27, 2006)

Suddenly Dion, single-handedly, was going to Kyotoize Canada, after previously failing to do just that after years in power.

Do you think its easy to make priorities, Dion had asked haplessly during his leadership race – well, a Throne speech came and went, mini-budgets came and went…while Bumbledore Dion and his red wizards prioritized by performing an amazing ‘watch the official Canadian opposition disappear in Parliament before your very eyes’ magic trick!

It was truly amazing – you could hear these Liberal voices complaining, and demanding, and huffing about this, and puffing about that…but they were nowhere to be found! Votes came and went, but the hidden hands of Liberal abstention did not appear.

So, eleven months later, Dion's priority is to announce another new priority. "‘War on poverty’ is top priority’ Dion declares" wrote the National Post, Nov.10, 2007.

Oddly, just like with their dismal performance on Kyoto, for over a decade Dion’s Liberals, with a majority and billions in surplus, did little to lower child poverty rates in Canada.

Dion’s priority now is obviously to gain some traction on something somewhere; maybe in several months he can trot out that healthcare is his priority.


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R.Bobak said...

Here’s what Jeff Gardiner wrote in "Dion's war on poverty is a sham" (National Post,Nov.12,2007):

“Re: 'War On Poverty' Is Top Priority, Dion Declares, Nov. 10.

Stephane Dion says that if elected he will cut poverty by 30% in 5 years. Of course, he does not give us any details as to how he is going to accomplish that since doing so in such a short period of time would require taxing the middle class out of existence, a miracle or both.
That being the case, how can anyone not think that this is just another wild Liberal claim to win votes? It's kind of like promising to cut greenhouse gases and then letting them increase by 30% Or, for a more relevant example, promising to eliminate childhood poverty by the year 2000 only to see it increase by 43% in 9 years under Jean Chretien.”