Friday, November 30, 2007

A Liberal Bag Of Gas

This by Roman Bobak "Singing a different tune", (Niagara This Week, Jun.22, 2007):

"Remember when St. Catharines Liberal MPP Jim Bradley bragged in opposition he was going to introduce a private member's bill to control gasoline pricing and challenged then-premier Mike Harris' Conservatives to give it quick passage?
Remember Bradley's frequent, yet unproven, claims of price-fixing? Remember him stating that if the premier was truly concerned about about gas prices, he'd move ahead with a predatory pricing law in Ontario?
Remember him demanding that former Consumer Minister Dave Tsubouchi call the captains of the oil industry on the carpet for yet another unjustified, dramatic increase in the retail price of gasoline?
Remember future Tourism Minister bradley complaining in 1997 of gas price gouging by the oil companies, when gas was a shocking 62 cents a litre?
How ironic that Bradley's Liberals have done so much that gas prices have almost doubled.
Bradley liked to huff and puff that Tories were apologists for the 'big oil bosses'.
Bradley's own words have morphed into a sad self-portrait of self-serving Liberals. Remember that on election day."

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