Friday, November 9, 2007

McGuinty: Liberal panhandler

Here’s what the St. Catharines Standard (Nov. 9, 2007) wrote in “Ontario not on PM’s mind:McGuinty: After meeting with Harper, premier says helping province’s struggling municipalities isn’t a priority for federal government: Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn’t seem interested in using the projected $11.6 billion federal surplus to help struggling cities and towns pay for badly needed infrastructure renewal projects, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty said Thursday.”

Well, Dalton – your own over-taxing government has, what, almost $2.5 billion in surplus right now? Why are you grandstanding and pestering the feds to bail you out? Cities and towns are a provincial responsibility. If your Liberals, after four years in power, have “struggling cities and towns” – then be prepared to give them the same taxation powers you handed to Toronto, which, by the way, still can’t balance its own budget or keep its spending under check, hoping someone else will pay their tab. (like the ass-kissing covert deal the city-run TTC gave its union as so-called punishment for their May 29, 2006 illegal wildcat strike, which cost taxpayers (everywhere, not just in Toronto, because federal and provincial cash subsidizes this joke) some 3 million dollars.) What’s McGuinty doing about that? What’s McGuinty doing about the fact that taxpayers are left on the hook paying the Liberal “health-tax” on behalf of the union?
McGuinty will overtax us, then whine and panhandle the feds for money, for four more years.

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