Friday, January 18, 2008

Bumbledore Dion: 'terrorism is a police matter'

Some excerpts from Jason Cherniak on the blog Cherniak On Politics, Jan.17, 2008:

“It seems that the Conservative Party of Canada and their Conservative media friends are intent on creating an international incident by misquoting Stéphane Dion. I suppose that when nothing is going right, the only thing these Conservatives know how to do is smear the opposition and hope to confuse enough people that Conservative problems are minimized.” and

“However, when dealing with international relations, the safety of Canadians overseas and the possible use of force in a nuclear state, our government officials have a duty to be extra careful. Peter MacKay and the Conservative Government should be ashamed for trying to create an international incident out of an unclear news report. What they are doing in this case defies all known tradition in Canadian politics. Their primary goal should be to reassure Pakistan that no Canadian political leader is actually proposing an invasion of Pakistan!”

It seems that the “Conservative media friends” [capital ‘C’, no less!] such as the Niagara Falls Review must also be part of this “smear” campaign against Dion. The Jan.17, 2008 Review purposefully published a Canadian Press story, which obviously must have 'mis-quoted' Dion, in their story headlined “NATO intervention in Pakistan could be necessary: Dion”.

The Review’s story quoted Stephane Dion saying: “The war against terrorism is mainly a police matter.”

Can you believe that anyone would purport that Stephane Dion would still use that line, so popular with the left pre-911, today?

How dare they put words in his mouth, when what Dion said was: “The war against terrorism is mainly a police matter.”

Honestly, who do you think is confused?? And this is from a Liberal leader who was at the front lines, with the army, several days ago!

It’s laughable to believe Cherniak's assertion that the Canadian government’s primary role is to reassure Pakistan that the fumbling Bumbledore leader of its Opposition party is or isn’t proposing an invasion of Pakistan.

One would think maybe Dion would have the ability to assess his priorities and consider their repercussions before supposedly-brilliant ideas pop out of his mouth.

How can anyone be 'reassured', when they can't anticipate, let alone understand, what it exactly is that Dion means to say?

As soon as the Great Liberal Savant Dion has another one of his Grand Utterances, apologists like Coderre or Cherniak have to leap up to 'interpret' for us lesser mortals what the Chosen One actually tried to say.

On the CBC National news (Jan.17, 2008), when Peter Mansbridge gave Dion a chance to explain his Pakistan-NATO-intervention notion, Dion simply stammered and looked stunned, eventually saying that in fact he had no solution, there was no magic bullet! It was an embarrassing interview, all the more so because Dion was exposed as trapped, with a lot of bluster but no answers, on that 'Conservative media friend', the CBC.

Does anyone remember the other knee-slapper of a CBC interview Dion had with Evan Solomon on Sunday Report, just after Dion was elected leader at the convention? was classic Dion mumbo-jumbo, which perfectly foreshadowed his consequent slide into irrelevance.

The primary goal of the Liberal Party, before they implode on another Dion-IED, is to reassure Canadians that their party elected a leader who is able to govern. And that would be one mighty magic trick to pull off.

Dion should explain himself, not only to other Canadians, but to the Pakistanis as well: Exactly how is the war on terrorism mainly a police matter? (Without using crib notes from Deputy Iggy “Nadia”-tieff)

But you know, there are more pressing issues at hand than wasting time listening to Dion’s Liberal nonsense.

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