Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dion's new GST

(click photo to enlarge) Dion's Liberals cooked up a dog's breakfast of dodgy, shifty, shell-game social policies, painted their pig with green lipstick, and have essentially created a new GST - the Green Shaft Tax.

Dion's fearmongering election brochure (above), mailed out to St. Catharines households on Sept.10, 2008, says nothing about his disastrous schemes, but is full of patronizing and alarmist innuendo. [The only thing missing in this cavalcade of crap from Dion is an endorsement from the CBC, and from the third Gorzukion stooge, Gore. see: Liberal Kyo-diots: beware of the GORZUKION (Gore, Suzuki, Dion]
Dion blatantly lies when he says "the global scientific community is agreed that climate change is caused by human activity"! But that is not true!!
(In what can only be a sign of delusion (or desperation) an ingratiating Dion is also proclaiming himself during this election as the Saviour Of God's Environment.)
What a load of rubbish this Liberal mail out is; what a hypocritical waste of resources! Has Bumbledore Dion bothered to calculate the ecological footprint associated with his own propaganda?!
How can anyone take this Liberal clown and his sad bag of tricks seriously?
In his lust for political power, Dion tries to intimidate and frighten with horror scenarios of droughts, floods and pestilence of every conceivable kind - this, as he pollutes his way across Canada in his aging, pollution-spewing jet - which Grits laughably defend, citing that they pay for their sins by buying "carbon offsets"!
Come on! What a joke.
Everything these Liberals do needs a corresponding "offset" - OF REALITY.

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