Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Liberal Kyo-diots: beware of the GORZUKION (Gore, Suzuki, Dion)

During the first week of June 2007 its still coolish out in the evenings. There was even a frost warning for southern Ontario this week, the same day Al Gore flew into Toronto - again - for another of his global warming dinner-diatribes. Easter weekend was freezing cold and snowy in Niagara. Gore didn't stop by to shovel your walkway, as he was busy shoveling a pant-load of 'green' into gullible minds, earning a pocket-load of greenbacks in the process. His crockumentary, An Inconvenient Truth, is the slickest hoax perpetrated on a docile public since the mass panic induced by Orson Welles' War of the Worlds. The difference is that Gore's global-warning homage to hysteria is decidedly political evangelism sold as science-lite. Martian invaders have become human carbon-dioxide spewers bent on self-destruction, whose salvation
will be ensured if they would only heed the self-righteous wisdom from the prophet of profit.

Don't expect David Suzuki dropping by to scrape the ice off your car windshield, either. He was busy on YouTube luring a seven-year-old to his propaganda factory/website where she was exploited as a dupe shilling greenie ecophobia. As Gore and Suzuki lavishly fly across the land, spreading not only their eco-fear, but also their iconic carbon-footprint, do they care the pollution generated by their jet vapour-trails, tour buses, and limousines, will melt thousands of pure, innocent icebergs? Oh, so sorry - 'do not blame the messenger, heed the message' - right?!

Our tax-subsidized CBC network dutifully used its CRTC license over Easter to resurrect alarm across the land, unabashedly parroting, without a shred of journalistic skepticism, the un-settled IPCC pseudo-science wafting from the U.N. We were treated - again - to an innuendo-laden montage of bud-worm devastated forests, exploding glaciers, penguins and polar bears diving into the sea, floods, and threatening doomsday scenarios of Katrina-clone hurricanes. (...because 'it's all settled', you see..!) A couple of good farts from a volcano or two and all that feel-good global warming chicanery is set back decades.

The day Suzuki moves from his beach front mansion to subsistence living in a Cuban farm-hut, using oxen, not tractors, to till his rice and beans, is the day when we can begin to believe.
The day Stephane 'do-you-think-it's-easy-making-choices' Dion euthanizes his pet dogma Kyoto and adopts a realistic made-in-Canada eco-approach, is the day we might take him seriously.
The day internet-inventor Gore moves from his hog-sized 20-room mansion to a 12-foot single-wide in a Tennessee trailer park, is the day he might gain credibility.
The day a frenzy of show-biz-music trendoids promote another world-wide EcoPalooza event (like the 7/7/07 Gore-a-palooza), and no-one attends, because they realize they're being played and call it for the hypocritical waste of energy that it is, is the day faith in society can be restored.
At least this time, many people actually saw the Gore hypocrisy in action. (What was the "ecologic carbon footprint" cost of that event? Can we get Michael Moore to do an expose?)
"We're creating awareness of the environment" is the mantra these concert sycophants chanted, most blissfully unaware of the simple irony created by their own attendance.

Beware the three-stoogist Kyoto Protocols of Dion, the Goracle and the Suze (aka the hybrid GORZUKION, enviro-amalgam superhero, blowing smoke and hot gasses throughout the land) Buying carbon-offsets is no absolution.
Reduced hard-cap emissions from these duplicitous kyodiots and their cult would greatly benefit our environment, though that's unlikely till hell freezes over.
Al Gore will make sure of that.