Saturday, June 9, 2007

CBC WATCH: Watch CBC smear Canadian scientist Dr. Tim Ball

What a shameful smear job the CBC did on Canadian climatology professor Dr. Tim Ball during an airing of the Fifth Estate (first week of June, 2007), referring to him as a "so-called expert". Some hack called Jim Hoggan was interviewed alleging that scientists like Ball were only doing "PR". The so-called journalists at the Fifth Estate didn't ask whether Hoggan's innuendo about Ball's qualifications also applied to pseudo-climatologists like Suzuki, Gore, Dion, Hargrove and others in 'public-relations' spheres of influence who present themselves as competent to make climatological (or should that read climato-illogical?) pronouncements. Who pays Hoggan's salary? What is his involvement with the Suzuki lobbyist machine? Why isn't The CBC ombudsman looking into the Fifth Estate's shoddy so-called journalism (or was this just CBC 'enviro-tainment?) , which in this case was an outright personally-biased smear job?

The 'Consensus' is in! It's 'settled' ! There's no 'denying' it! The CBC, Canada's state-run broadcaster is out of control and will use tax dollars to smear anyone who dares challenge its own pre-supposed views.

I suppose this is why 'CBC' and 'fair and balanced' rarely appear together in a positive sense. Get rid of the CBC. Let the Fifth Estate get Suzuki to buy them a soapbox on cable on their own dime.