Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Gasoline prices and Bait & Switch Liberals

Where's Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's once highly-touted (mostly by him!) predatory gasoline price control bill, which he introduced as a private member's bill when he was in opposition? Now McGuinty and the Grits say they never were in favour of gas price regulation, but that's exactly what Liberals like Jim Bradley squawked about for years! Liberals, now in a majority government, didn't cut gas prices, or their own provincial gas tax, or create a provincial gas price watch dog, as they agitated for when they were in opposition. Bradley, for years, made unsubstantiated accusations about "price fixing" and "gas gouging" but now that gas is over a dollar, Liberals (like Dwight Duncan, Grit energy minister) say that there is little, if anything, the province can do about gas prices - which is exactly the opposite of what Bradley had said when he and his Liberals were in opposition. It's almost not worth bothering to link 'Jim Bradley' and 'bag-of-hot-air' - it's self-evident. Now that McGuinty is AGAIN asking us to believe him when he says he's not gonna raise taxes (as he lied to Ontarians in 2003), Liberal flip-flopping on almost any issue defies belief. When are the Ontario Liberals lying -in opposition, or in government? How can anyone tell, with all their posturing and broken promises melding into an incoherent and inconsistent policy blob?? It's like Liberals oppose and obstruct, rather than propose and construct.