Friday, August 22, 2008

Stephane Dion: self-proclaimed Saviour Of God's Environment

Bumbledore Dion was on The Michael Coren show on CTS (Aug.21, 2008), where he claimed that the Conservative minority government was spreading "fear" - this from the green-shafter who fearmongers everywhere he goes (by jet and limo) that the earth is about to collapse if we don't vote Liberal! Twice during the show Dion threw out the line that only he can somehow become the saviour of, as he put it, "God's Environment"!!

What a satire of liberalism this clown is!

This Liberal joker bleated about "human rights", yet said nothing about Russia's invasion of Georgia.

Also, in an hour of interview, Stephane Dion said nothing about health care - no mention whatsoever.

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