Wednesday, March 21, 2012

McGuinty refuses to fire Disingenuous Deb Matthews

As McGuinty's Liberals, such as Rick Bartolucci, happily continue to cut healthcare... [closing 30 hospital beds won't affect seniors, Ole Secret-G20-law Bartolucci laughably says!] ...we also see how Disingenuous Deb, McGuinty's ignorant/incompetent health minister, still refuses to resign after the release of auditor McCarter's report on the ORNGE scandal.

What's more, McGuinty refuses to do the right thing, and fire Matthews. The waste of more millions of tax dollars is obviously not of any concern to McGuinty: this is peanuts to the billions McGuinty's Liberal fools have already squandered!

Millions upon millions of  health-care dollars were wasted by McGuinty's monopoly-pushing Liberal ideologues, while these same sanctimonious Liberals closed hospital beds throughout Ontario.

Liberal hacks Kim Craitor, Jim Bradley and Rick Bartolucci must be oh so proud.

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R.Bobak said...

Following up on how McGuinty's sanctimonious Liberals are closing beds, did you see that great front page story in Apr.7, 2012 St.Catharines Standard, titled "Beds may be cut to save money", written by the Standard's Wrong-Righter in residence, Grant Lafleche?

Strangley - hahahaha - Good Ole Grant somehow NEVER MENTIONS the words "Liberal", or "St.Catharines MPP Jim Bradley" in his story!!!

FLICKING precious, isn't it!?

Lafleche gives us lots of talk about the "provincial government", and "funding challenges" and the "rising costs of infection control" ...
[hmm: compared to what> to dozens of dead Niagara C. difficile patients, when there were 'lower costs of Liberal infection control'?]
...yet, Lafleche simply DOESN'T BOTHER to actually interview the hypocite Liberal in St.Catharines, Ole Jimmy Bradley, to get Bradley himself to discuss these issues, which Bradley's own Liberal government is responsible for!!!

You can't buy this kind of Liberal ass-kissing media propaganda... can ya?!?

Funny: hospital beds being closed was the threat that Good Ole Liberal Jim Bradley loved to vociferously screech about in opposition; and, the Standard loved to oblige Ole Jimmy's political rhetoric.

Ahh... but now that Good Ole Jim Bradley's Liberals are the ones closing hospital beds (while still forcing Ontarians into a no-patient-choice single-payer monopoly): well, suddenly... umm... suddenly, Good Ole Jim Bradley somehow VANISHES FROM SCRUTINY, on a front page story in the St.Catharines Standard!!!


Simply unbelievable!!

The Standard's fondling of Ole Jimmy continues, unabated.