Sunday, March 11, 2012

Jim Bradley claims there is no "pot of gold", yet, forgets his Liberals' ORNGE and Green wasted billions!

Finally, Liberal Deb Matthews has decided to throw Liberal George the Diaperman / Smitherman under the ORNGE bus!
As if  Dalton 'the buck always stops somewhere else' McGuinty wasn't fully to blame for what his "hand-picked" deputy premier Smitherman had been allowed to get away with!!!!
Yet, we still get laughable GreenFear-peddling reports from the St.Catharines Standard, happily reporting Environment Minister Jim Bradley talking piously about how there's no "pot of gold out there to spread around" - yet, Shawn Jeffords and Wendy Metcalfe strangley ha ha ha forgot to ask Good Ole Jimmy to explain why there was a stinkin' large pot of Liberal ORNGE waste, and even a larger stinkin' pot of Liberal green waste!!!!
Maybe the yellow-rag should colour itself red.

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