Saturday, March 24, 2012

CBC protects Liberal Jim Bradley from C. difficile scrutiny

Funny how the CBC's  television show Marketplace, on Mar.23, 2012, was about filthy hospitals - focusing mainly on Ontario, and in particularly on hospitals in Hamilton and in Niagara.

Kevin Smith (who is also the NHS's Supervisor) was interviewed about the CBC's claims that his hospitals were apparently not maintaining a thorough cleaning regimen. Smith squirmed slightly, but weaseled out of any responsibilty for what he was shown by the CBC reporter.

Of course, the Niagara Health System was notorious for its deadly 2011-2012 C. difficile outbreaks - yet AMAZINGLY (hahaha) the CBC reporter DID NOT BOTHER to mention or interview the monopoly-pushing Liberals who are in charge of health care in Niagara: MPP's Jim Bradley, or Kim Craitor!!

The CBC focused on Smith, but avoided asking any questions whatsoever of the Liberal hacks Craitor and Bradley, in whose ridings' hospitals the CBC carried out some of their investigation!!

Smith was appointed BY Craitor and Bradley's Liberals!

Why didn't the CBC bother to ask the Liberal MPP's in Niagara not only the very same questions which the CBC asked of Smith, but also then ask Kimmy'n'Jimmy to comment on their own appointee/employee Smith's answers?!

Funny: it's as if Liberal MPP's Jim Bradley and Kim Craitor have nothing to do with Niagara's filthy hospitals!!

It's as if Kevin Smith is somehow in charge of funding McGuinty's Liberal health-care monopoly!!

The CBC could have asked Good Ole Liberal hack Jim Bradley to explain why Bradley VANISHED from Niagara for months, when C.diff patients were dying in his infected health monopoly's hospitals.

The CBC didn't even bother to interview Liberal health minister Deb Matthews, either!! After all, if Kimmy'n'Jimmy got nothin' to do with it, what would Matthews have to do with it?! hahaha

Furthermore, the CBC didn't bother to interview the secretive organization which oversees the NHS: the Niagara LHIN - which was also created by Jim Bradley's and Kim Craitor's Liberals!!!!

No one from the CBC bothered to question the Liberal-appointed hacks at the LHIN about their own filthy hospitals!!

Funny, eh?! (That's what Liberal-biased "fake news" looked like, and that's what it did: distort, deflect and distract from attaching any culpability to any Liberal for the disasters in their own socialist health-care nirvana)

Funny: the CBC ( did the St.Catharines Bradley Shoe-shiner) simply covered-over Jim Bradley's complicity in the C.diff deaths in Niagara, by not asking Good Ole Jimmy about why his Liberals quashed a public C. diff inquiry in 2008, which could have prevented the subsequent C. diff outbreak in Niagara in 2011!!

The media bent over backwards to distract from any link between the Liberals' secrecy in 2008, to another (preventable) killer outbreak in 2011. The narrative was these events had nothing to do with each other.

No: the CBC didn't... umm...  have the time or inclination to examine Jim Bradley's, George Smitherman's, and the rest of the McGuinty monopolist gang's role in bringing on the C. diff crisis in Niagara in 2011, by purposefully quashing (hiding from) a C. diff inquiry in 2008!! (...and no amount of political cleanser will clear that ugly stain from Jim Bradley's record.)

The CBC chose Kevin Smith as an easy target for blame, blatantly diverting everyone's attention from the real culprits - from Smith's bosses: Ontario's health-monopoly-pushing McGuinty Liberals.

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