Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GreenFear and RoboBradley

Further to my previous post, it's funny how in the Mar.6, 2012 St.Catharines Standard, reporter Jeff Bolichowsky wrote an entire story about the evils of robocalling, yet - miracle of miracles - Bolichowsky didn't once mention Ole Jim Bradley's hallowed Liberal name!!
No questions whatsoever were raised by Bolichowsky as to details regarding Liberal MPP Jim Bradley's use of robocalls in St.Catharines!! Wendy Metcalfe and her cross-eyed wrong-righters at the Standard are truly working overtime not to upset their good lord, Good Ole Gritty Jimmy.
...oh, and Dr. (!) David Suzuki took another smelly climate-change GreenFear crap in the pages of the Standard on Mar.5, 2012. It smelled just like Jim.

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