Saturday, November 29, 2008

McGuinty Liberals cut health-care to the bone

Well, it’s officially been a year since a CIHI report revealed on Nov.29, 2007 that the Niagara Health System's (NHS's) St. Catharines General Hospital had the third-highest patient-mortality rate in Canada. (see: Hospital death-rate in Liberal Jim Bradley's St. Catharines: third-worst in Canada)

The local secretive St. Catharines Liberal MPP, Jim Bradley, whose government runs Ontario’s sicko universal health care system as a monopoly, hasn’t bothered to explain why this occurred on his watch. (see: The Mess in the NHS)

No official from Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal Ontario government has yet explained the reasons behind CIHI's findings.

Bradley couldn’t even bother himself to call for an investigation into the high-death-rate revelation in his own Liberal government-monopoly-run hospital.

The Liberals pretend there is nothing wrong with their health care monopoly, or with their government-run single-payer health-care funding model, or with their government-allotted health-care rationing.

The unaccountable, arrogant Liberals have also denied access for any independent scrutiny of their government-controlled-monopoly hospitals.

They are shielding themselves from any attempt to uncover the systemic extent of their culpability regarding patient harm/death attributable to their Liberal government's monopolistic health care policies.

The Liberal cuts continue, despite Liberal Health Minister David Caplan's tiresome rhetorical smears about what he alleges the Conservatives did ten years ago; it's Caplan's Liberals - now - who are today cutting health-care; it's Caplan's system which is killing people; it's Caplan's Liberals who purposefully hide from Ombudsman scrutiny.

Buried in section C12 of the St. Catharines Standard (Nov.28, 2008) was this little nugget, yet another example of Liberal Healthcare Duplicity:

It's happening throughout Ontario: systemic Liberal health-care cuts; Liberal-caused wait-time increases; Liberal-caused travel time increases; Liberal-caused operating room closures; Liberal-caused health-care reductions; Liberal-caused wait-time increases for cancer surgery; Liberal-caused reduced access to diagnostic tests . . . until "there is only skin left on our bones".

All this in the name of Tommy Douglas's socialist ideology? Is this is what American sickos like Michael Moore desire as their model for universal government-run U.S. health care?!

What these negligent Liberal assholes are doing to Ontario patients - trapping them in their shrinking, no-patient-choice, Liberal government-run health monopoly - should be viewed as a criminal act.


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