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McGuinty and Chretien-era Liberals did nothing to "control" gas prices

It was grrrreat to read Don Fraser's front-page story in the May 12, 2011 St.Catharines Standard "Squeezed by record pump prices", where absolutely no mention was made of the local Liberal MPP Jim Bradley, nor of Bradley's personal role in helping extenuate today's "record pump prices"! Yep: it's as if Good Ole Jimmy never had anything to do with any of this!!!
Now, it's as if Ole Jimbo had never written any price-control bills in the past - and then conveniently forgot about them for the last eight years!!
Now, it's as if Jim Bradley and Dalton McGuinty had never said that they could - and would, if elected - bring in laws to... umm... stop all the "gouging", all the "ripping-off", all the "price-fixing", all the "collusion" that was supposedly going on.
Yep: read the Standard today and it's as if the Liberals had never fraudulently presented themselves as 'controllers of gasoline prices' !!
[The St. Catharines Standard sure doesn't want you to remember any of that!! After all, why would the St.Catharines Standard - whose motto oughtta be " Happily doing Jim's political laundry since '77 " - want to remind the proletariat about Jim Bradley's Liberal lies and deceptions about controlling the price of gasoline?!?]
There's no need to remind loyal Liberal voters about JimBoyBradley's track record of smarmy lies and hypocrisy!!
Yeah: Jim Bradley - the Liberal liar from St.Catharines - along with that other gas-hole scumbag McGuinty - outright conned voters into believing that the Liberals would "control" gas prices. The St.Catharines Standard merrily went along with that narrative back then; yet today, there's not a damn word about the Liberals' past deceit on this very issue.
Today, there's nothin' from the St.Catharines Standard about how a sanctimonious Jim Bradley, at Queen's Park on May 4, 1999, had goaded the Conservatives to "pass my bill" about helping control gas prices.
Today, no-one from the St.Catharines Standard has bothered to recall for readers what specifically was in Bradley's private-member's bill.
Today, no-one from the Standard has asked Jim Bradley why his bill was never reintroduced and passed during the last eight years of McGuinty's Liberal majority.
What bias.
And of course, when real investigative reporting fails in this Standard report, who else do they turn to for gassy filler than Dan McTeague, the Liberal MP who was thankfully finally booted out of office when that disgusting Liberal Ignatieff was walloped in the May 2 election.
Reporter Fraser didn't explain to readers - and didn't bother to actually contact and ask McTeague to explain - why McTeague, for all his years in a Liberal majority federal government - also DID NOTHING to "control" oil prices!
Didn't McTeague also try to pass some kind of gas price control bill at the federal level?
OOPS! Why would the Standard want people to know about that, eh?!!! hee hee!
Yet: here's McTeague, like a bad penny, unquestioningly now being used as a source!
The St.Catharines Standard  - mysteriously (ha ha !) - also fails to mention, or to ask McTeague about, the role which former St.Catharines federal Liberal MP Walt Lastewka played in quashing his own Liberal colleague McTeague's gas price control bill!!
Say what??!!
Why should the local Liberal-lovin' proletariat wanna know 'bout that?!? The St.Catharines Standard really doesn't want to mention any of this! The locals don't need to know the direct roles which Liberals such as Jim Bradley, Walt Lastewka, and Dalton McGuinty played in creating today's "record pump prices"!
Then, in a May 13 St.Catharines Standard story ("Ottawa to investigate high gasoline prices" by Jonathan Jenkins) that same old Liberal, Gas-Tank McTeague, blames in particular the federal GST for higher gas prices, telling us it 'goes up lockstep with the price'.
No challenge was made by the reporter, who should have asked: say, there, Danny Boy, what "GST" is there in Ontario? Isn't it specifically the "HST" which you should be talking about? In particular - McGUINTY'S newly-implemented 8% tax-gouge on gasoline????????????!!!!!!!?!
Doesn't McGuinty's new 8% tax-grab on gas 'go up in lockstep with the price' ?!!
Astoundingly, Jenkins didn't bother to ask Liberal McTeague whether his Liberal buddy McGUINTY'S taxes had anything to do with the high price of gas!!!
And - of course - no one from the St.Catharines Standard will bother to recall for readers that Lastewka's Liberals also had called for 'investigations' into gas-price fixing by the Competition Bureau. Back then this was seen as a brave and heroic deed! Now, when Clement does the same, massageboy Jackoff Layton's dippers deride that as "inadequate" - without quite saying what exactly they would do!
And finally, let's not forget: when Chretien-era Liberal Lastewka was telling us that there was no evidence of any price fixing, Liberal MP Dan McTeague was also Lastewka's Liberal colleague at the time.
Fast forward to Oct.16, 2014, to a strange St.Catharines Standard editorial headed "Let's relish this rare drop in fuel prices", written by Peter Epp.
Reading this weirdo editorial, it's like Epp doesn't know any of the previous gasoline-price-voodoo which Ontario's Liberals were practicing!
Epp whines on about how gas prices are falling in Canada, and are "at five-year lows" (eg "as low as $1.14 in some parts of Ontario" on Wed. Oct. 15, 2014)
Epp calls it "a classic picture of supply and demand".
Hmm - yet, Epp for some strange reason never mentions what the Ontario Liberal's role was in this "classic picture of supply and demand"!!
Furthermore, there was NOT A WORD IN THIS PATHETIC ARTICLE about local Liberal MPP hack Jim Bradley!!
Funny, eh - seeing that Jim Bradley and his Liberals were the ones who were screwing up and attempting to interfere with the "supply and demand", by price fixing gasoline THEMSELVES!! That's classic LIBERAL MARKET INTERFERENCE.
"Editorialist" Epp just plain 'forgot' (hahaha) to mention Jim Bradley's decades-long attempt to score votes by promising to regulate gas prices!
Yep: suddenly, when gas prices are dropping, Jim Bradley is nowhere to be found on the pages of the St.Catharines Standard - the same paper which for years had loyally trumpeted Bradley's phony gas-price-control antics!!
Now - nothing.
In his editorial, Epp doesn't dare bother to link or context the Ontario Liberal's paranoia and hatred for everything oil, nor their phony global-warming / climate-change Green-Fearmongering.
Epp says "more oil is being produced globally" and that "the pumping out more oil than Saudi Arabia"  - yet Epp doesn't link any of that to Jim Bradley and his oil-hating Ontario Liberals.
Jim Bradley was fear mongering about "peak oil" decades ago - yet now, that there's more oil, Epp doesn't bother to ask Niagara's chief peak oil propagandist about this??!
By purposefully excluding Jim Bradley from this editorial, Epp is just continuing the St.Catharines Standard's pathetic propensity for swathing their hero Jimmy in convenient Cones of Silence.
Epp spews out lines such as "After years of getting hosed at the pumps" - without specifying WHICH years, and by which standard he was measuring what "getting hosed" meant. That kind of line is just what Jim Bradley would have spewed in the past.
Peter Epp should specifically explain what he meant here; it is crap journalism for the St.Catharines Standard to write half-baked articles such as this.
Does Epp have evidence of gasoline price-fixing, or something?? Why didn't Epp ask Jim Bradley about it, then?
What the hell is Epp actually talking about? This just blowhard rhetoric.
Epp is the one hosing readers with his garbage.
Epp didn't bother to get Liberal Jim Bradley - the chief gas-price-fear-spreader in Niagara - to confirm or deny that we have been 'getting hosed at the pumps for years'.
Were these the years under Bradley and his Liberals, which Epp refers to??
Is that why Peter Epp purposefully neglected to interview Jim Bradley about falling gas prices - because this incongruity didn't jive with Bradley's (and the Standard's) GreenFear-mongering agenda?

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