Friday, May 13, 2011

In opposition, Liberal fraudsters Dalton McGuinty and Jim Bradley lied about their intentions to control gas prices

It's funnee - in a YOWZERS kinda way - how no-one at the St.Catharines Standard can be bothered to corner Liberal MPP Jim Bradley (the Savant of Secord Dr.) and ask Good Ole Jimmy to explain why gasoline prices are so high ($1.41 as of May 12) in St.Catharines!No-one today from the local LiberalButtlickerSociety is asking Jim Bradley why he hasn't reintroduced the gas price-control laws which Bradley and Dalton McGuinty were agitating for when they were in opposition! No one is asking Good Ole Jimmy to 'splain why his Liberals increased the price of gas with their HST.
Magically, this has nothin' to do with Jimmy or the other Grit doofus, Kimmy Craitor!! Liberals now tell us that there's nothing they can do - yet this is the exact opposite of what Dalton McGuinty and Jim Bradley were saying in opposition!!
Back then, Bradley blathered constantly with unsubstantiated  allegations of collusion and price-fixing.
Now - magically - nobody in the Niagara press seems to remember those years of Liberal lies and sanctimonious posturing from Jim Bradley and McLiar!! In Nov. 1999, while in opposition, Bradley even cooked up a predatory gas-price bill - yet, after eight duplicitous years of Liberal majority government, where is Bradley's private member's bill today?!!
Why, it's as if the BradleyAsslickSociety at the St.Catharines Standard has never even seen the Nov.19, 1999 edition of their own newspaper!!
Why, it's as if - magically - that was some other Jim Bradley which the St.Catharines Standard was happily promoting in 1999!!
Frankly, ain't this all just amazing!? That was all just utter Bradley bullshit !!
We now have confirmed that Jimmy and McGuinty were "mindlessly grandstanding" back then - and that's according to Dwight Duncan!!
McGuinty's Liberal liars could lower the HST - but don't count on any Niagara GritButtLicking reporter bothering to ask Jimmy or Kimmy about that.

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