Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jail guards on Ontario-wide manhunt for slippery corrections minister JIm Bradley!

Kevin Bernard reported in  "Hitting the road for jails" (Bayshore News, May 20, 2011) about how a posse of about 30 OPSEU jail staff from Owen Sound and Walkerton came to St.Catharines on May 20 hunting for their boss, Liberal corrections services minister Jim Bradley.
'What's that?' you say... jail guards were hunting for Good Ole Liberal MPP Jim Bradley??
This can't be: our local newspaper, the St.Catharines Liberal AssKisser Standard would have certainly written about that!! ...right??
But alas, frankly and yowzers [!], the St.Catharines Bradley Buttlick Society didn't deem this manhunt as being newsworthy!
The Local 224 president Paul Johnstone said that his members wanted to protest the McGuinty Liberal plan to close down their local jails, and also said that Jim Bradley has not had a one-on-one meeting with him about the issue.
Johnstone said that they went to Bradley's office searching for him, but that Bradley was nowhere to be found!! (well, on Friday afternoon, Bradley was stuffing himself with free food at the Folk Arts festival...)
Funny how the St.Catharines Standard wouldn't bother to tell Niagarans about how a secretive, smug, dictatorial Jim Bradley is handling this issue!
The folks in Walkerton and Owen Sound should write to the St.Catharines Standard [ if the Standard Liberal AnalCleaners would care, though...] and ask them why the Standard continues to protect and cover Jim Bradley's ass! Jim Bradley can always be found... when the St.Catharines Standard has some Bradley-friendly propaganda to spew, that is; otherwise, Bradley vanishes into his trademarked Cone of Silence.
Yep - sigh - no one from the St.Catharines Standard (or the JimmyBoy Fanclub over at Niagara This Week) has bothered to ask Good Ole Jim 'the Kyodiot' Bradley (who, after all, is the Liberal greenshevik saviour of planet earth...)  about the environmental costs of GoldenBoy Jimmy's plans to now have to truck prisoners all over the place because he's closing down the prisons.
It's just best not to ask Jimmy 'bout any of these things...!!!
see also here about a "disorganized" Jim Bradley.

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