Thursday, May 19, 2011

McGuinty rewards eHealth with a raise!

It's nice to see Jim Bradley's Lying Liberals rewarding eHealth workers with a raise. Un-FLICKING believable.
It's a good bet no-one from the Niagara press will bother to ask Jim Bradley or Kim Craitor about that. After all, what do Kimmy'N'Jimmy have to do with any of this stuff - right ?!!!
What are the cancellation clause details in the Smitherman/Duguid secretive Samsung greenie deal? Why can't Duguid present a specific answer to this in the House, instead of decanting his usual evasive greenshevist rhetoric? Why is no-one from the local press asking Niagara's local Liberal liars Jimmy'N'Kimmy about that, either??!
What about the Freedom Of Information exemptions Jimmy'N'Kimmy gave to their monopoly's hospitals - has the local GritLickerClub already forgotten about that, too?!!

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