Monday, October 19, 2015

Where did Canada's federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau buy his drugs?

Following this Oct.15, 2015 Toronto Star story, it wasn't made clear how, where or from whom Liberal MP Justin Trudeau got his drugs. Did the Star bother to find out and report that?! When he needed to toke up, did the current Canadian federal Liberal Party leader buy his marijuana from some dealer? Did Justin get his weed for free, as a 'gift' from 'friends'? Who were Justin Trudeau's drug suppliers? Or, did Justin Trudeau just happen to conveniently 'find' a dime bag of dope somewhere, left behind by a magical unicorn?
Don't Canadians deserve to know all about Justin Trudeau's drug habits - and his shampoo/conditioner preferences - from Canada's "transparent Liberals"?!
Is Justin Trudeau still getting high on weed? Does Justin Trudeau rinse AND repeat??
If Justin Trudeau is still getting occasionally stoned, don't Canadians at least deserve to know which kind of pot is Justin Trudeau's favourite?
Don't Canadians deserve to know whether Justin Trudeau prefers to smoke just joints, or does Justin Trudeau have a favourite type of bong he also likes to use, for special occasions?? Where is Tokin' Trude's favourite head shop? How often does Justin Trudeau like to get stoned?
There are so many things which Canadians are eager to learn about our tokin' Liberal leader Justin Trudeau!

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