Sunday, December 16, 2007

Liberal Michael Ignatieff parachutes into Canada

May 18, 2006: Recently, Liberal leadership hopeful Michael Ignatieff said “The Liberal Party has a great record of building the Canadian military.” What?! Which Canada has Iggy been living in for the past three decades? Oh, yeah, that’s right: he hasn’t been.

The Globe And Mail reported Iggy, defending his residency status, claimed in an affidavit that during the 27 years he lived outside the country (22 of which he lived in Europe) “he made approximately 50 visits annually to Canada.”

What?! [Did they mean fifty visits in total over 27 years?] Because if it's "50 visits annually", as stated, that essentially works out to a visit a week for 27 straight years! Is this why Iggy, who clearly then, must have racked up a lot of air-mile points on the Concorde, was parachuted by the Liberals into the western-Toronto riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore?

Who can forget Iggy’s clumsy, controversial carpetbaggers’ entrance to Canadian politics, whereby he was acclaimed despite howls from his own riding that his bid was fixed; how local riding association members were conveniently squeezed out of the nomination process? The expatriate professor said: “I cannot speak to the process by which the party has designated me as a candidate.” Oh, how convenient - an aspirant to run Canada claiming he can’t even question the legitimacy of his own nomination. Yet we’re expected to endure his ponderous lectures about democracy?

Playing up to the anti-American chauvinists in his party, Iggy recently pulled out this old chestnut: “I don’t want to live in a country where 40 million people don’t have healthcare.” Oh, yeah - but he’ll stay there, work there and take their money.

Why then would Iggy want to live in McGuinty’s Ontario, where it is reported over a million residents don’t have access to a family doctor?

The Liberals’ motto should be: “Ask not what you can do for Canada, ask what Canada can do for you.”

(also edited version published in Pulse Niagara, May 18, 2006)


Iggy made an apparently-clever-to-some remark recently (Dec. 2007, while playing Big Banana in the House, standing in while his kyodiot boss, Stephane Bumbledore Dion, was polluting his way to bluster in Bali) asking "since when is the Prime Minister of Canada an expert on nuclear safety?" [Oh, ha ha...gosh the Count is so smart.. lookit what might have been, thought many Grits, secretly grimacing with regret over Bumbledore.] But, is Michael Ignatieff at all more, or even as, qualified in the subject of nuclear safety himself?

Ignatieff claims he doesn't understand the process of how the hell he was even elected!

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